Came clean at work today about depression

I came clean at work today about why I’d been off the last few days and why I haven’t been on my game lately.
 Will say more about it later as I’m tired and it’s last my bedtime but it feels ok that it’s out in the open. One of the other PMs who I took aside and told what was going on was incredibly supportive and has been feeding me work to keep me busy. I felt utterly shattered by the end of the day but at least I was busy and the day went by quickly. I didn’t spend too much time navel-gazing or beating myself up in my head. I did find it quite hard to stay focused and to stay non-tearful all day. But I mostly managed it.
 I am not totally dreading tomorrow. Only partly. A little. Which is better than yesterday!
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One Thought on “Came clean at work today about depression

  1. Good for you, and I’m glad the experience was positive. I had to be honest about my depression this week at work too, as my counselling sessions take a chunk of time from my day, and it was also positive – what a huge lift off my shoulders, so I can imagine how you are feeling too.

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