Oestrogen therapy day 1, 2 and 3

Day 1 – Saturday 23rd August

Now decided that as yesterday was the day I started on this, it should be day 0 rather than day 1 and today should be day 1.

Was quite grumpy this morning (probably due to being hung over) but I chilled out as soon as people arrived for a BBQ and then I had a few beers which chilled me out even more. I an wondering if I’ll really get to see the difference the oestrogen might be making if I’m spending two days in a row getting drunk.

It’s now 8.15pm and I’m drinking tea as I can’t really face another alcoholic drink right now and I’m really cold so I have a blanket over my legs. We’re gonna watch Dr Who in a minute.

 Day 2 – Sunday 24th August

Day 3 of having patch on. I don’t really feel depressed. Definitely feel hungover. Decided to have a sober day today. In fact, probably tomorrow as well. Need to feel unclouded. I went to bed last night as soon as Doctor Who finished. I think it was about quarter to nine. I still felt a little rough in the morning but I guess that’s to be expected after 2 days of drinking (not all day but Friday night, then Saturday daytime until about 7pm). Its not healthy, I know. I just felt like I needed to let lose but now I’m suffering for it.

Used on sachet of oestrogen gel around 5pm. Not sure if I was feeling down. it was almost to see how it would feel.

Nearly 11pm. Watched Iron Man. I think the patches are starting to kick in. My boobs feel tender. I think that must be a symptom of the oestrogen.

Day 3 – Monday 25th August

Ben let me sleep in until 11.30 this morning. I still have a headache – another symptom of the oestrogen I think. And I was sweating buckets last night. I think I changed my underwear 4 or 5 times because I woke up soaked. I’m glad I didn’t drink last night. I still don’t feel great but I think that may just be the hormones kicking in.

4.20pm. In bedroom. Running a bath. Starting to feel a bit panicky. I want to feel like I’m getting things done. I have so much on my list. I’ve tried rewriting it in my nice notebook but ran out of energy half way through. I may use a sachet of gel. I feel on verge of tears. I’m going to have a bath actually so maybe worth doing gel AFTER that.

5.30pm. Bath was nice. Just rubbed gel into my arms. Feeling a little lost for what to do or think.

5.47pm. Just had a cry in the kitchen. Opened the fridge but couldn’t think what to eat and then burst into tears. Husband asked me how long I’d had my patch on – 3 days – and he said probably worth changing it. So I’ve just done that.

10.46pm. Feeling a bit better this evening. Quite possible it was just the oestrogen running low. May change patch every 3 days from now on. Which means I need to change it again on Thursday evening. Am feeling a little apprehensive about work tomorrow.

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