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route66flagIn March, we are embarking upon the mammoth road trip that is Route 66 in the USA. We have been thinking about it for years and planning it for the last 6 months or so and its finally happening – the flight’s and some of the hotels have been booked so there is no backing out now. The trip was my husband’s idea – he wanted to do it for his 40th Birthday – which is why we are going in March. And as it was our 15th Wedding Anniversary this year we decided that we will also renew our Wedding vows in Las Vegas (Elvis and all!).

Obviously this is going to be a brilliantly fun and educational trip for the kids and for us and I am thoroughly looking forward to it (and slightly panicking at the same time). It is going to cost a small fortune and my husband came up with the idea to attempt to Crowdfund some of the trip. If you don’t know what Crowd Funding is, it is when you put a request online to collect funds for one purpose or another.

I love writing and I’ve always wanted to work for myself and the other week I was thinking about the idea of writing a book about the journey. It would be a combination of our experiences and also a reference book for other families looking to embark on a road trip with kids. I really feel inspired by this idea and think it could be a really good book.

So this is the outline of the book:

Basic Premise
(Nearly) middle-aged couple with small kids do USA Road Trip
To be partly an instruction manual for others wishing to do same thing – including what to do’s versus what-not-to-do’s
and partly a documentary of our experience with funny anecdotes

In order to fund the book and the trip, we have set up a page at Go Get Funding – there is more information on there so if you are interested in donating please check it out to see what you will get for your donation.


Fundraising with GoGetFunding

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