Poem – Hold On #poetry #depression

It’s beyond me to hold a book
 I’m too tired almost to breathe
 Things could be worse you say,
 I’m finding it really hard to believe
 When I fall. I fall down deep
 Into a chasm I can’t see the end
 Can’t see my way out of this hole
 Can’t see the light around the bend
 I don’t know why I’ve come so low
 Don’t understand the depths I’m in
 Don’t know which way to turn or go
 The light fades and the dark will surely win 
 Hold onto their faces, my little loves
 Their tiny hugs and hopeful eyes
 Tell them that their mummy’s fine
 Tell them those little white lies
 How do I hold it together for them
 For my family, for myself
 Pick myself up off the floor
 Put these feelings away on the shelf?
 I’ve tried, I really have but right now 
 I can’t stay afloat, I’m sinking fast, 
 The waves crash over me in a tidal flood
 I’m breaking, not sure how long ill last. 
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2 Thoughts on “Poem – Hold On #poetry #depression

  1. Just wanted to you know that I enjoy your reading your blog and I’m sorry that you’re having a hard time at the mo xx

  2. Thinking of you. Hold tight you’ll come out the other side xx

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