Back from holidays

I feel the need to write as I feel a little (ok, actually a lot) separated from my blog. 

I’m back from holiday. The holiday itself was lovely. The journey back was not so lovely. And now I have 3001 things occupying my mind. I’m back at work and not feeling terribly joyful about it. I am trying to arrange the pBloggers event for October. But its very hard to do at work and my laptop is out of juice and charger is in my luggage which is still with the airline hopefully. I have been sorting out money issues – hubby has taken out a loan to pay off my overdraft but also I have been trying to clear up some queries with work regarding holidays and ask them NOT to deduct 6 days pay from me for holiday (its complicated). I also have Lala’s birthday party to arrange and several blog posts to do for my own blog. Oh, in addition to all this, we are starting to plan our USA trip – Route 66 next year with the kids. I am feeling a little overwhelmed if I’m honest. I don’t know where to start. Work is not particularly busy but there are only so many things that I can do from my desk as its a very open plan office! I have bee drinking endless cups of tea and taking strategic loo breaks and then looking at the clock to see how much time is left. Currently 1 hour and 1 minute. 

Being back at work is getting me down. I can’t wait to leave to go home and see the kids and then for them to go to bed and I can crack open a large glass of wine and shut down. Except I think I need to spend this evening in front of the computer (Mac in upstairs study) so I can start finalising some blog posts and arranging the pbloggers event. The problem is that I’m not a night owl. I find I am at my most productive probably from 10am-2pm. But that is when I’m at work. I wish writing was my job. Stupid really reeling against the status quo. But hey, I’ve always been a dreamer. Maybe I just need to get used to working in the evenings: not sticking the TV on. 

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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