My Highlights from Britmums Live 2014 #britmumslive #pbloggers

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So, yesterday I had to escape the office to go and sit in a pub garden with a glass of wine so that I could try to make myself feel less blue about Britmums Live being over for another year.


While I was in the pub garden drinking my glass of wine, I decided to mull over my weekend at Britmums and write a list of the highlights. Using my new Livescribe pen.

Here is what I wrote:



I will elaborate below:

Friday (really Thursday & Friday)

  • Meeting the lovely Laura from Max & Mummy Blog (@maxandmummyblog) and also my partner in crime on PBloggers – we had a fun night drinking margheritas in our room and also had a yummy pizza across the road from the Travelodge, then headed into the venue via Starbucks on Friday morning.




  • Stripping off in the loos with Em from Snowing Indoors (@snowingindoors) – we both had sweat marks on our tops and I suggested we just went for it and dried them using the hand-dryers (the Dyson kind where you put your hands in between – not the kind where you could squat down under the blast of hot air!!!). I think my exact words may have been “I will if you will!”. Just brilliant!
  • Giving my handmade Tiara (that I made on the train on the way up to London on Thursday evening) to Emma Freud!!!
  • Then later on seeing that she’d tweeted a picture of it!!!



  • Drinking margheritas on the train while making said tiara! (this list is not in order of it happening)




  • Getting so many lovely comments on my nails


  • Going to Waggamamas with a hoard of other bloggers. I sat across from Lewis from Dad Who Blogs (@DadWhoBlogs) and a member of the Love All Dads Podcast team. I had Liska from New Mum Online (@NewMumOnline) on my left (a lovely lovely lady that I have a big connection with). Originally I sat next to the lovely Claire from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Life (@TheLazyGirlBlog) who was well up for a bit of karaoke after dinner (sadly didn’t happen due to Google Maps being shit & it being a bit late anyway) but then we shuffled up for The Ginger Warrier (@GingWarr) who is an absolute hoot! We are totally on each other’s wavelength. She is just as mad as me!!! (in a good way). I probably missed someone. I met so many lovely people.
  • Drunkenly painting over my nails – with help from the lovely ladies who were with me in the Travel Lodge Bar. The worst culprit (the one that told me to draw a willy and then drew a vagina on another nail) was Alice from My Life, My Son, My Way (@Baillie_MyLife). She’s a fantastic giggle. There were others there but I can’t for the life of me remember their names or blog names!!!



Saturday (and a bit of Sunday morning)

  • Connecting (again) with Liska from New Mum Online (both at the BiBs Ceremony & after in Bar One



  • Eating away my hangover in the Morrisons Lounge


  • Seeing my kids faces – happy to see me on Sunday morning










12 Thoughts on “My Highlights from Britmums Live 2014 #britmumslive #pbloggers

  1. superluckydi on June 24, 2014 at 23:13 said:

    It was a pleasure to meet you Abi. Your red heels were divine and you’re crackers! Hope to meet again soon!

  2. I loved meeting you my dear Soul Sister from another Mister. You are mentioned in my #BritMumsLive vlog that I uploaded to youtube today xxxx

  3. That tiara was gorgeous – brilliant that you made it on the train on the way there! I love that you included photos of your children – it was a highlight of my Sunday when I got to Manchester and could hug mine again 🙂

    • I know! I didn’t miss them terribly while I was there (sounds awful doesn’t it) – I was having too brilliant a time, but on the train back and when I got home I couldn’t wait to get up the stairs and gaze at their sleeping faces!!!

  4. From one project manager to another (and another and another – madness there were so many of us). Sounds like you had a blast the whole weekend. Was lovely to meet you -you’re so friendly and happy.

  5. Love ‘real’ photos like this – looks like you had a fab time!

  6. Lovely to meet you, albeit very briefly. I may not have commented on the nails…but I did notice them!

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