Britmums Live…. Is it really over? #britmumslive

I’m finding it a bit hard to cope today.

I went to Starbucks this morning with my daughter. I had an urge to give my blog business card to the guys that served me in Starbucks but I didn’t as I thought I’d probably get a funny look. I don’t understand why (as Mummy Barrow said to me this morning) no-one is coming up to me and hugging me, and why I can’t tell who is a mummy or daddy blogger by their badge or Britmums Live bag! I want to go up to people and talk to them even though I’ve never met them before. There aren’t people handing me half glasses of wine or a nice room I can go and chill out on benches and eat pork pies and yummy chorizo fried things. I think if I went to the loo in Sainsburies, I wouldn’t be able to get someone to join me in whipping our tops off to dry our sweat stained tops off to dry them in the hand dryers or someone I could rescue when they had a wardrobe malfunction. If I said out loud “Oh no, I’ve lost my penis” or “my vagina’s just fallen off”  in the middle of the street here (without a throng of bloggers around me) I would most definitely be locked up in the loony bin (I had a willy and vagina drunkenly drawn on my fake nails on Friday night). No-one has come up to me and told me that they love reading my blog or that they think I’m bubbly and lovely or told me that my dream of making PBloggers into a success is really within my reach or gave me advice on writing that novel idea. And no-one gave me a bag of free goodies as I was leaving Sainsburies!

I feel like I’ve been in an alternate reality the last few days where everyone is friendly. No-one judges you. You can make amazing connections and find people that really GET you! Now I’m no longer in that world I am feeling a little bit lost. I am loving spending a bit of time with my kiddies but there is a little bit of me that is sad.

I have so much I want to do following what I learnt. I need to go through my notebook and pull out any actions into a new list. I need to gather all the business cards I collected out of my handbag and scan them into Evernote Hello. I need to work out how I’m going forward with PBloggers and start working on it. But I feel like I need a day to recover. How are you coping with not being at Britmums Live anymore?

I related a lot to Mummy Barrow’s post from last year!


8 Thoughts on “Britmums Live…. Is it really over? #britmumslive

  1. I really want to go next year! It seems soooooo far away for a scottish lady though 🙁 Would be like going on an epic journey!

  2. Ohh I want to go next year too…….I have the same problem as Genna….It seems such a long, long way away for people right up here…
    Sounds like you had an fab time x

  3. suzanne3childrenandit on June 22, 2014 at 20:34 said:

    It’s so weird isn’t it? The come down is horrible! It really is a little bubble but a lovely one. I’m campaigning for a week next year – what say you?! I’m def looking up this Evernote app you’ve talked about before. Sounds awesome. I need to get myself organised!

    • I think I’m only “organised” because I feel so disorganised! I’m sitting at my desk this morning wondering where to start on my list. Trouble with lists is no matter how organised they look, the stuff still needs doing.

  4. Before this weekend I’d have never imagined I’d be taking off my top in a public bathroom either, it’s obviously your influence 😉 It was awesome to meet you x

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