I’m ready for #britmumslive + what I’m wearing + what’s in my bag!







OK, so, I think I’m ready for Britmums Live! Woo hooooo. My check list is mostly ticked off, apart from a few things to pack when I get home from work. My suitcase is in the boot of my car. The plan is:
17:30 Drive home from work
18:00 Arrive home and pack last of things


18:10-15 Hubby drives me to station
18:34 Hop on train – pour self a frozen marguerita and relax!!!


I have a reminder on my phone (recurring every hour) to remind me to top up my phone charge to keep it at 100% so I have as much juice for the journey as possible. My ipad is fully charged and switched off. I still am undecided whether or not to take my laptop. My suitcase is already pretty full and I know I wouldn’t want to be carrying it around with me during the conference. I could leave it in my room on the Friday but I am not sure I want to leave it in my suitcase on the Saturday as it might get bashed about in the cloak room. 

My handbag is all packed. I really want to take all the stuff out and lay it out and take a picture but I fear my office colleagues would think I was mental so I’m not going to do that. I will just list it for you. Here is what is in my (new from Clarkes) handbag:


  • My iPad Mini
  • My gorgeous new set of 20 coloured Staedler Triplus Fineliner pens
  • My business cards
  • My small notebook
  • New purse
  • 2 x packs of tissues
  • Sunglasses
  • Pens – Black Stabilo Worker Pens & a black marker pen (don’t go anywhere without a marker pen!!!)
  • Green nail varnish in case anything needs touching up
  • My Mophie Portable phone charger & cables
  • Resealable plastic bag with earl grey tea bags in it
  • My Weight Watchers Eating Out Guide – in the vain hope that I may try to keep track of what I eat this weekend – YEAH RIGHT!!!
  • My e-cigarrette
I’ve done my nails and I’m very proud of them. They go with my outfit for at least the first day. I may or may not repaint them to match my 2nd day outfit but I think that may be unrealistic and a bit too much!



Bella very kindly spent an hour last night straightened my hair. Please excuse the glasses and lack of make-up:



These are the outfits I am going to be wearing.



Saturday – going for the black shoes

7 Thoughts on “I’m ready for #britmumslive + what I’m wearing + what’s in my bag!

  1. Love how organised you are, love your handbag, and love your outfit choices. The margarita mix, epic! x

  2. roy on June 19, 2014 at 14:47 said:

    What a little hottie you are……. #just creeping

  3. I literally love how organised you are, have fun 🙂 Also that frozen Margarita is looking pretty good!!

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