Losing my blogging mojo & hug-request at #britmumslive #pbloggers

In the last few months I really feel like I’ve lost the passion I once had for blogging. This post is really for me to delve into why that might be. So bare with me. 

Here are a few things I feel might have contributed:
  • Work
  • Scrapbooking
  • Losing the “dream” of blogging full time
I will go through these in more details:
I recently started a new job. And before that I was stressing about finding a new job. Somehow when I was doing a job I hated and didn’t feel like I had a way out (which was really shit, don’t get me wrong), it was a lot easier to live in a dreamworld where I would one day make my blog my fulltime job. More about that later. The plan (the realistic one) is to get experience as a project manager so that eventually I can go part time or be based at home. It is a good plan. But its not as fun as the imaginary plan that I will go through in a minute.
I got very fired up about this when I first started doing it. Its very addictive and it gets my creative juices flowing. I took pictures as I went but have so far failed to blog about it as I go. I guess it just feels like twice the work.
The dream
When I first started getting seriously into blogging, around the time that I went to Britmums last year, I had a dream where somehow I was able to give up my job and stay at home. Blogging when the kids were in school. Maybe writing a book. Writing articles for magazines…. I don’t know where this dream has gone. I love the idea of being the kind of person who works during the day and then works tirelessly on their dream life at night. Staying up until 2am writing blog posts and reviews and articles. BUt the reality is that I’m tired. I go to work. I’m tired when I come home. The kids tire me out. I watch TV in the evening (if I’m not going to the gym or Weight Watchers or anything else) and while I do have my laptop on my lap sometimes, I don’t have the urge to whip off blog posts while I’m watching TV. My brain is fried. In my dreamworld, I would get up, get the kids off to school. Then maybe settle down in front of my laptop or computer around 10am with a nice latte and start writing. In my nice tidy office.
I think in short I’ve been a bit depressed. I am constantly telling myself off for not being a certain way. I’ve never quite got out of the habit of giving myself a hard time. I compare myself to other bloggers. Here is a list of things that I feel like I should be doing more in order to call myself a “proper blogger”:
  • Reading other blogs
  • Tweeting and chatting on Twitter
  • Writing intelligent posts about topical subjects (instead of just blogging about “how I’m feeling”
  • Joining in linkies and blog hops
  • Using Pinterest and Instagram and Google Plus
  • Understanding things like Affiliate Marketing and SEO
That’s not even including all the things I feel I should be doing for PBloggers to be a “proper” Parent Blogger Network. I’m not going to list them here or I will just start crying right now!
I really hope Britmums Live can inspire me. I really really need to be inspired! And I really hope I get lots of hugs from lots of lovely lovely bloggers who hopefully understand what I’m talking about!

6 Thoughts on “Losing my blogging mojo & hug-request at #britmumslive #pbloggers

  1. I have been and on and off reader of your blog and I get the email subscriptions straight to my phone, which is excellent as I can read on the move! I love your blog and it does inspire me to create my own, I keep starting and then thinking whats the point, but I’d keep it as its a good place for you to offload 🙂

    • Thanks Nikki for continuing to follow my blog. Its nice knowing that ppl out there are reading it even when there are not always many comments coming through. I’m definitely not going anywhere (well, my blog isn’t) but it does ebb and flow (my enthusiasm).

  2. Hang in there! That’s what I would tell you . . . I’ve been a pro blogger for 7 years. I do stay home with my kids and write for other magazines and hope to write a book someday. It’s hard work. It’s hard to be self-motivated all the time, but it is worth it to have an income and be at home with my kids instead of a day job. #hugs

    • Thank you so much Lauren. It is nice knowing that I could get there one day. But for now I think I just have to get by each day at a time. Not run myself into the ground. xxxx Thanks for reading X

  3. I can relate a lot to this post, your dream especially. Juggling the realities of life stops me from going for what my heart most wants because the thought of dropping all the reality balls as I make a grab for the dream is just too scary. I don’t have any advice, god knows I could do with some myself, but I want you to know that you at least aren’t alone.

    • I know! It does tear me apart sometimes. I don’t feel like I was designed for “this life” but at the same time I don’t think I’d cope with the stress of starting a new badly paid life even if it was perhaps more satisfying creatively… Thank you for your comment. It made me feel better.

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