An hour (plus 10 minutes or so) in the life of a working mum

12:57 Leave office and run to car to drive to Sainsburies to do shopping
13:03 Realise I am on the orange petrol light so head to BP Garage
13:08 Pull into BP Garage and have to park on wrong side come some old bloke is playing silly buggers parking across the one I would have used
13:11 Pay for petrol and run back to car
13:12 Screech out of petrol station and head to Sainsbury’s
13:20 Arrive in Sainsbury’s carpark and find a space after nearly losing it at granny in micra who doesn’t seem to realise I AM IN A FUCKING HURRY!!!!!
13:22 Run around Sainsbury’s pushing trolley chucking stuff in, ticking things off my list that I prepared earlier (sorted in the order I thought I would probably go through the shop – see, clever ahead-planning by mum who knows she’s going to be in a hurry):

shopping list
13:30 Alarm goes off on my phone and I panic as I’ve not got to toilettries, dog food or household stuff yet!!!!
13:38 Heading to tills having found everything except baked beans, alkaseltzer XS (is for Britmums Live next week so can get later) and fly spray – just couldn’t bloody see it anywhere). Ring nursery to say sorry for being late (was meant to be there by half 1) and ask them to get her ready if possible (shoes on, toy Lala Loopsy collected and flipflops on)
13:39 Do self service as everywhere else seems packed. Get very annoyed at machine when it refuses to scan 2 packs of fromage frais.
13:41 Leg it out of shop nearly flattening several elderly people
13:43 Drive out of Sainsbury’s to nursery
13:45 Arrive at nursery. Lala not ready. But doesn’t take long to get her sorted as Lala Loopsy is in bag and her flipflops were near her (she was out in the garden playing with the sand pit).
13:48 Message Bella to say leaving nursery now can she come out to help with Lala and shopping
13:50 Drop Lala and shopping off, give Lala kisses, bring shopping in with help from Bella, give Lala more kisses, and receive kisses, and get a knee hug, then go back to car to be waved off by Lala
14:11 Manage to make it back just over 10 minutes late but don’t think anyone noticed.
14:12. Sit at desk and drink water and take a few deep breaths.

That was a bit of a palarva!

3 Thoughts on “An hour (plus 10 minutes or so) in the life of a working mum

  1. Oh my! I’d be so stressed having to rush about like that…..Quite the palarva x

    • Yeah it was. to be fair every day is not like that! But it was pretty stressful. Makes me appreciate the fact that my hubby normally does most of the pickups and shopping. and cooking. and cleaning….. come home, Ben, I love you!!! haha

  2. roy on June 13, 2014 at 21:15 said:

    Tsk tsk

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