I don’t feel like a blogger anymore

I’m in bed having just out my son to bed which involved a bit of shouting and screaming.

I’m now hiding in my room with what is left of a glass of wine and Game of Thrones on my iPad.

I’m enjoying my new job. It is slowly getting busier and next week I will be manning the decks for my boss who is on holiday and dealing with a few jobs that will be coming to fruition. It looks to be a busy week and I’m looking forward to being busy.

The title of this post is because I’ve been checking my emails and have a tonne of PR emails about this that and the other along with Netmums, Britmum type emails and I just don’t feel like a blogger anymore. I think it’s because I don’t put a lot of thought into blogging anymore. I blog when the need takes me. I suppose that’s a strategy as much as any other. I just wish I had more time to focus on it. I have the evenings but to be honest, especially with my new job I’m too tired in the evening to do anything that involves too much thought.

I’m hoping that Britmums Live in June will inspire me to, well, get inspired again.

Gonna leave it there as Game of Thrones is good. And hubby may have dinner ready soon I hope.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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