What a week

I am sitting on the reclining sofa having a glass of wine. Ben is putting the kids to bed (as he has every day this week). I’m utterly exhausted. Starting a new job is hard!!! My brain feels completely fried, even though I haven’t actually DONE that much. Although I was in a customer meeting most of the day which was quite draining. I am enjoying my new job. I am looking forward to being able to get more into the actual work load. At the moment I am mostly sitting in on meetings and doing the odd bit of work (like putting things into spreadsheet format and that kind of thing).

I think I am focusing so hard on putting on a good face at work and appearing to be professional, not checking my phone or going on the internet, concentrating on everything, trying to take it all in, that when I get home I just need to collapse in a heap and any loud noises or stressful situations have been sending me over the edge.

It is my birthday tomorrow. I’m getting pancakes for breakfast in bed. Yum. I’m off to pour myself another glass if wine!!!

2 Thoughts on “What a week

  1. Enjoy your wine & Happy birthday for tomorrow!
    Sounds like the new job is going great x

  2. Happy Birthday for the other day – hope more wine was had! x Good luck with the new job too 😉 xx

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