My contract is ending

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My contract is coming to an end

I had that meeting with HR today. I was still buzzing from a wonderful weekend (I have posts drafted about that so you will get to read about that later but I haven’t had time to finish them off yet). Anyway, it turns out that my contract is going to be ended on the 9th May. The lady I was covering for is coming back from maternity leave at the beginning of that week and I will do a week’s handover (4 days really as the Monday is a bank holiday). I held it together until the end of the meeting but right before the end I started losing the ability to hold it in and a few tears escaped. I guess I knew it was coming. I feel a bit shell-shocked. Part of me was hoping that they would tell me that they had found a job that they really wanted me to do. They had created a role for me. Hell, even that they wanted me to stay on for another few months to do this that or the other. But no. My contract is ending. I need to start looking for something else.

I know this is just business. I didn’t have any promises that there would be a job at the end of this. I guess I wasn’t expecting to like working there so much. I feel a little betrayed. I feel unwanted. I wanted to be told that I’d done a really good job and that they desperately wanted to keep me. Hell, who am I kidding?

Anyway, I’m having tonight to feel sorry for myself. But tomorrow I’ll be updating all my job site profiles and emailing agencies. I’m going to make this into a good thing. I’m going to find something better. Something right for me. I’m feeling worthless and discarded but I’m not worthless. And I need not to take this personally. It’s all going to work out in the end.

16 Thoughts on “My contract is ending

  1. Sorry to hear about this, it sounds like a really deflating thing to go through. Good luck with the job search, hope your week improves from now on.

  2. I am sorry to hear this hun but everything happens for a reason, I am sure this will be the start of something even better 🙂

  3. Sorry about that……… but you can do better……positive

  4. I always on the thinking that everything happens for a reason. Its time to find pastures new and get excited for a new challange. Good luck.

  5. I’m sorry. That sounds really difficult. But, like everyone has said, maybe you will find something even better and when you look back you will be glad you had to opportunity to keep looking. Have a drink, maybe a cry, and then get ready for the next chapter in your life!

  6. Bummer! Sorry to hear about the job loss, that must be hard especially nowadays when finding more work isn’t as straight forward as it used to be. Keep trying, i’m sure something will come up 🙂

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