Writer’s Block


I’m suffering from this little thing called Writer’s Block. I just read this article in an attempt to figure out what to do.

Why do I think I have writer’s block? I think it probably has something to do with my lack of self-worth for a start. Me? A writer? Don’t be silly. I might be able to string a few words together sometimes and create a decent website/blog from scratch, and run a twitter chat and a bloggers network, but me? A writer? Don’t be silly!

I also think that the fact that a few people I know from work now know about and have read my blog – when I was posting about the MAD Awards on Facebook. While I’m over-joyed that they were interested enough to have a look, I’m still worried that I will inadvertently say something to get myself into trouble. I have had bad experiences in the past with employers/colleagues and social media. But I really like this company and all the people in it and wouldn’t dream of saying a bad word about any of them. In fact, I wouldn’t say a bad word about anyone that I wouldn’t want them to read. Its kind of an unwritten rule. I talk about my feelings about things that happen including my relationships but I try to do it in a way that wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. But anyway, so people at work know. They might think you’re silly, they might judge you, they might not like you after reading your blog.

Another reason that my writing has stagnated has been because I have been so busy trying to sort things out. Been busy doing lots of exercise, trying to lose weight. Been busy trying to sort out my finances – they are a bit of a mess and its taken a lot of brain power to work it all out. Busy running PBloggers. Editing guest posts, tweeting topics…. When I settle down to write something its like my mind goes blank and my fingers go numb.

While I was studying for my Prince 2 exam, I kept thinking of all the things I was going to do when I had finished (assuming I passed – which I did). I even wrote a blog post but didn’t publish it because I started writing it and then decided that I really ought to be studying so I saved it for later. But now I have passed, the last 3 or so weeks have just passed me by. No writing. I haven’t actually written anything in 10 days. I feel like a failure. I feel like a fraud. Who am I to be trying to run a bloggers network when I can barely find the time/energy/motivation to write my own posts – or to read and comment on other people’s blog posts (something I have been terrible at lately – my BlogLovin feed is around the 1500 unread mark).

I don’t know if I should follow the advise of the person in the article and just ride it out. Wait for the inspiration to come to me. I am writing this, after all. So I’m not completely devoid of inspiration. Or if I should force myself. Just write a 10 things… type post. Or join in a linky. Or just post a few recent photos with a few words. That would do, wouldn’t it?

That’s me for now. Thanks for listening.

2 Thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. You write beautifully. I think the very act of writing will bring inspiration. Perhaps buy a swanky little notebook to carry around and doodle in?

    • Lol. You think just like I do. Sadly I have hundreds of swanky notebooks that I don’t use and I need to get a handle on my spending but thank you for the suggestion and the comment and for saying I write beautifully. Such a lovely comment to receive!!!

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