Road Trip to Wales

Written yesterday lunchtime

I’m in the passenger seat as we drive to Wales for a wedding reception. It’s so good to get away – from the house, from the kids (as bad as that may sound – it’s true). Apart from initial annoyance about the waya my husband was driving, I’m actually feeling pretty chilled out and happy.

It’s good to get away. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Work has been busy, I’ve been busy sorting out pBloggers stuff -editing guest posts, replying to emails, and I’ve also got tonnes of stuff to do for this blog too. And an article to write for about my weight loss. It’s all a bit overwhelming and I have found myself not really posing anything at all. The thing is, I want this blog to be successful so I’m loving the contact from PR companies that I’m getting: invites to days out, the offer of a paid sponsored post, I need to write another update on my fitness – for Nuffield and an update on my Diet pills post for e National Slimming Clinic. So much to do. I don’t want to turn this into a reviews only kind of blog but it is great to have companies interested in you. The thing is that I’ve somehow got out of the habit of writing about general life stuff. Well, I guess this is one of those posts.

I’m quite excited about tonight. We will probably get to the hotel around 4pm and will have some time to chill before getting ready. We have some bubbly to get us in the mood while getting ready.  Bella helped me decide what to wear. Although to be honest it wasn’t really a choice as I only tried one thing on as it was the thing I really wanted to wear but I hadbt worn it in a while and I wasn’t sure if it fitted me yet. But it did. The zip was a bit tricky to get up but once up it was fine. I’ll take a photo and put it up when I post this. I never did. Was too drunk. 

So Bella is on her own with the kids this weekend I do hope they are good for her as I think we’ve all had a hard week. They have been a bit trying. Joshua has been talking back a lot. And him and Lala fight a bit.


Its Sunday evening now. I’m on the sofa watching Fleming, while I wait for the #pbloggers party tonight. I’m still feeling rough. I had good fun last night. But I don’t remember getting to bed. Apparently my husband had to practically carry me up to bed. And then when HE came to bed a little while later…. well, lets just say I got a bit lively. I don’t remember that either! I have a large bruise coming up on my right upper arm. I assume that is where he had to grip my arm to walk me up to our room! I’m sure it isn’t good to be that drunk that you don’t remember things! I feel the need for a few weeks of sobriety – which is a shame really as we have another wedding next weekend. I may stay sober and drive.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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