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mike the knight

I’m only just getting round to telling you about the fabulous day out that we had in the Oracle in Reading at the weekend. We were invited by the lovely people at Frank PR to come and meet Mike the Knight and Evie.

We headed down there for just after lunch and went to the Mike the Knight tent where the lovely ladies gave us a yummy scrummy £50 voucher to spend in the Oracle Shopping Centre. We had a couple of hours to kill so we headed off to the shops to spend some of our lovely voucher.

As luck would have it (luck on the kids’ side I think) the first shop we passed was the Disney Store. The kids bought a toy each. Joshua got a £10 set of Planes planes.


Lala attached herself to a £20 set of Tinkerbell fairies and we tried EVERYTHING to try to persuade her to get something cheaper but she just kept insisting that she wanted THESE fairies. {she has since removed all of the lovely clothes and wings from the fairies to make them NAKED fairies – picture below of decent CLOTHED fairies}.


Having spent nearly ALL the voucher money on Fairies & Planes (and NONE in Clinique – boo hoo), we went to go get a drink and some snacks. We headed outside to the restaurants area and decided that Giraffe looked like a nice place to eat. We ordered the kids some nuggets & chips (Joshua ate all his but Lala barely touched hers – to be fair it was only about 3.30pm – a bit early for dinner but too late for lunch – they had already had a light lunch) and the grownups had some olives, houmous & bready snacks which were VERY yummy.

Playing with their new toys in the restaurant:



Nuggets and Strawberry Milkshakes…




Daddy had a cheeky beer


And Mummy a cheeky wine!


We got Giraffe forky toy things.


My only criticism is there weren’t quite enough bready things to go around the 3 adults and they forgot to bring us a portion of chips. But they took it off the bill as we didn’t have time to hang around and wait, so it was fine.

By the time we left we had just 10 minutes or so before we were due to meet Mike The Knight and Evie. We were given super quick access ahead of the queue – which I think confused the kids slightly but made me feel SUPER special! Then we went into the tent to actually meet Mike and Evie in person. While the kids were very excited to be going to meet Mike, my concerns that when we got in there, they would be a bit nervous, were shown to be somewhat true. I think for a small person who has only ever seen Mike the Knight on TV where he looks pretty small, it can be quite a shock to see these larger than life (and very realistic) figures in person. Josh and Lala were a little bit shy when they saw Mike & Evie & it took quite a bit of encouragement to get them to come near to them. In the end though, we managed to get a few photos.





The kids had a bit of a play on the toy buses and things before we headed off:



After that, we headed out into the town centre to find a Clarkes as Lala was well overdue a couple of pairs of new shoes. We managed to find it, and found Lala a lovely pair of red shoes and another pink pair.  Some pictures below of her modelling them:


One of her just looking super cute here


Still loving her fairy:


What a lovely day and thank you so much for inviting us!!!

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  1. What a lovely day out ! 50 usually goes on the kids in our house too lol !

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