Honest post about how exhausting I find looking after my kids all day

I honestly don’t think I could do it all day. Ben got up early with the kids and took Josh for his swimming lesson at 8.30. I got up with Lala and drank coffee until I started to feel slightly less crappy. We watched CBeebies or Nick Junior (I forget which) and then later on put a movie on. We didn’t do anything spectacular and they weren’t TERRIBLY badly behaved but between the kids and the dogs getting under my feet, the bickering, the jumping on me, the interrupting me every time I tried to clean up the bloody kitchen…. I just feel exhausted. Ben was busy doing stuff in the garden and then went off to buy himself some beer??? eventually at nearly 5pm I went up to have a bath as Ben was going to do the kids dinner. He was also going to put the kids to bed for me as he’s going out tonight and staying over at a friend’s house, but that ended up not happening as he had to get in the bath to get clean before going out and that just HAPPENED to coincide with the kids bedtime.

I shouldn’t really complain as I did leave him to put them to bed a few times during the week when I went to exercise classes and then I met a friend after work on Friday but I just found everything today hard work. Not in a depressed kind of way but just in a “God, children are exhausting” kind of way.

I don’t really know why today exhausted me so much. Apart from maybe because its been a long week at work and I’m on a period and Lala has had a mild case of the runs and the two of them have been winding eachother up and I felt like I needed wine at 2pm and even though I wanted to just clean the kitchen calmly with my podcasts of Money Box (I know, sad, right?) playing on my speakers except I couldn’t get my speakers to work and it felt like everytime I sat down I had to get up again!

I really would be a terrible stay at home mother. It was a saturday at home with my kids and its completely done me in!!!

4 Thoughts on “Honest post about how exhausting I find looking after my kids all day

  1. Oh I hear you! Half term has nearly finished me off…I’m actually looking forward to going back to work to try and find my sanity where I clearly left it in my desk drawer.

  2. I am feeling your pain. I lost the plot today when my little man wouldn’t eat the cheese on toast he’d nagged me for and the girl screamed at me and banged on the table for more quicker than I could make it. All this after missing them desperately after a whole night to ourselves last night. I’m not a runner but powered round the block fuelled by anger alone. Hate to admit it, but exercise really does wonders for the coping hormone – seratonin. It might even get me off the happy pills one day. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

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