My kids bedtime suitcases

After posting about this on twitter it occurred to me that it would be just silly of me to miss out on writing a blog post about this…. I should do more of this anyway. Post about the silly things my kids do or say.

So anyway. I went in to check on the kids as I do every night. There they were. Toe to toe. Joshua on one end and Lala on the other end of the bottom bunk. And there were their suitcases. Where they have been for the last couple of nights. Don’t ask me why they have started taking their suitcases to bed with them. Could it be that they want to have an easy escape?!! Or maybe they are hoping we will whisk them away for an impromptu holiday (as someone on twitter suggested!).

Anyway so I thought this deserved more than just a couple of tweets. Here they are in all their sleeping glory!

My little people in bed.

Joshua is even wearing his shorts in bed!! If he’s expecting a holiday, I think he’s hoping for somewhere warm and sunny!!!




And these are their bags:



As you can see, Lala’s bag has just a few sippy cups and bottles in it. I opened Joshua’s bag and this is what I found.


So maybe it’s not the great escape they are planning for!!!

What was the last thing your kids did that amused you?

2 Thoughts on “My kids bedtime suitcases

  1. I love this, so cute!

    Both my boys (though my oldest wouldn’t like me sharing this!) refuse(d) to sleep without their teddies. And even when it isn’t bedtime and he isn’t in his cot, my youngest will curl up on the floor and snoogle with his “woof” whenever he gets his hands on it!

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