Lovely valentines night & feeling hungover

I was rather spoilt on Valentines Day! Ben made me pancakes with maple syrup and Oscar Meyers bacon for breakfast and brought it up with orange juice and a cup of tea. Lush!


Then in the evening, after having to stay in the office until 6.30pm for a meeting, we went out for dinner. We went out to dinner at a lovely restaurant called the Hotel Daniele. You may remember I wrote about them when we went there for our anniversary. The only bugbear I have is that there was a set menu. I honestly don’t understand why restaurants insist on having set menus for things like Valentines Day. They weren’t that busy. I don’t know why they couldn’t just have offered the normal menu.

Anyway, I had wild mushroom soup to start and spinach and ricotta pancelli??? (like thin pancakes) as main course. The food was wonderful. The wine was wonderful. I’m feeling rather hungover (as I wrote this on Saturday – its now Sunday – so not too bad now!). We went to the pub afterwards. In fact we couldn’t get a taxi so we started walking but it was blowing a gale and I was wearing high heels so I stuck my thumb out and amazingly after 5 minutes or so, someone stopped and gave us a lift to the pub (which is stumbling distance from our house). I think I only had a glass of wine in the pub. I was quite drunk already. I just remember going to the toilet and being sick. Then a bit later, I checked my phone and saw that Bella had texted to say Lala had been a bit upset and complaining of not feeling very well. So I wanted to get home.

Some pics from the restaurant.





Oh yes, I remember now I had a large brandy!

Today (Sunday) has been another lazy day, really. I had a lie in until 10am. Then I got up to go to my Body Pump class but sadly the instructor had been taken ill and so the class was cancelled, so I went to get myself a latte from Starbucks. This afternoon has been spent watching movies with the kids. I’ve also cleaned out the rabbit hutch – a bit thing for me – been saying I would do it for ages. In fact, I’ve been pretty rubbish at looking after that rabbit lately. But its time I took some responsibility. Starting with giving her a nice clean house to sleep in and giving her lots of yummy food.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for today! How was your valentines day?

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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