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These are just my thoughts and I know that some of them are just a reflexion of my own insecurities but I have to voice them.

Sometimes I feel like I’m an outsider to this whole blogging community. I know I blog. And I do sometimes read and comment on other blogs but generally I don’t have much time to do that. Not since I started my new job anyway. For instance, this evening I read an email newsletter from Britmums all about the New Year. I clicked in a few of the links and read up on what other bloggers have been up to. Instead of making me feel interested and curious it made me feel deficient & less if a blogger.

I went to Brit mums last year and I am going again this year and while I had a brilliant time and came back buzzing, I did feel a little inferior to some of the “Power Bloggers” that ran it, won awards etc. yes, I’m jealous. I’ll admit it. I want my blog to be something big and to make me some money and to get noticed (not necessarily in that order) but right now it takes all my energy to live life and occasionally chuck a blog post out there. I guess I need to get over it. Admit to myself that I can’t do or have it all. That no matter how successful other bloggers are they presumably have areas in THEIR lives that they are not happy about. People are just people. No matter how daunting their success might be.

I may not be part of the “in” blogging crowd. I may not spend all day and night browsing and commenting on other people’s blog post, but I’m still here. Still blogging from the heart. Putting myself out there.

Thank you for sticking with me.

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  1. Anonymous on January 6, 2014 at 22:44 said:

    Sending you a hug……..

  2. I saw this very same email today ! I clicked on the blogs to watch out for and there was a dad section ! It made me feel the same like my blog was deficient yet I have been working so hard on knocking posts out everyday working full-time and raising three kids. I feel your pain and its great to hear that it is not just me feeling like this. I’m not sure of the magic formula but it does involve hard work ! I plan on coming to brit mums this year and am apprehensive that I will walk away feeling like I have just watched the power bloggers have a great time and my blog get no benefit at all.

  3. So true. It’s hard enough carrying on with ‘normal’ life let alone adding in blogging & all the extras that come along with it. The most important thing I’ve realised is that I would rather blog when I have something I want to say rather than churn out rubbish every day because i feel I should. Hang in there, try not to stress too much. x

    • You are so right. I often think to myself “I should be doing more of this that or the other (reviews, interesting “topical” pieces etc” but then I realise that if I had to do all that rather than doing what feels right, I wouldn’t enjoy blogging as much!

  4. Brilliant post which reads like you wrote it from the heart. Life is hard enough without ‘helpful’ people telling us how we should make money/drive traffic etc. Blogging should be fun when you already have a busy life!

  5. I agree with Cate. You write with an endearing honesty that comes through. And, yes, [whispers] you can actually blog for fun, if you want to! There’s no need to try and be someone else; we need you to fill the place of… you.

  6. Im not part of the in blogging crowd either and sometimes that bothers me but I just really dont have time either. Im just pleased my blog has educated people in my local community and that a few people have stumbled across it and it’s made a difference to them. I love reading your posts they are always honest which is refreshing x

  7. Ah don’t feel like that! Blogs are so much lovelier to read if the writer is having fun with it rather than finding it a chore. So don’t worry about what others are doing- enjoy writing your blog when you can and people will read it!! xx

    • Thanks Suzie. I agree with you to a point. Its lovely to read posts that are all about nice days out and ideas of things to do with kids etc but I also like to read honest posts about peoples situations and lives whether that reads in a positive sense or a negative one. I try to right about how I’m feeling or what’s going on in my life whether that’s good stuff or bad stuff and just hope that my readers can stick with me through it all. My only sadness is that in the end of last year I fell out of the habit of writing blog posts. Hoping to turn that around this year. Think I’ve already done quite well! Thank you for your comment. x

  8. I have often felt like this too, my blog is about being a mum and the other stuff in my life that I love like fashion and art, It’s a bit of a broad range and I sometimes feel like to be a parent blogger it’s just about posts on being a mum or a style blogger you just have to do a whole heap of beauty reviews. Like you I have decided to keep going anyway, I enjoy it and it’s a very special pretty diary if nothing else. Also my kids might like to look back on it. Anyway keep blogging you cos I love reading it, always so honest and I can always relate to what you’re saying 🙂

  9. I have to agree with all the previous comments. I can relate totally to you and I really enjoy reading your posts. I get bored with blogs that just seem to constantly review products and would much rather read blogs like yours which are honest and about their lives. Keep up the fantastic work. x

  10. This used to bother me a lot. If feel bad whenever I don’t post or have time to network with other blogger. I put so much pressure on myself to reach a certain level but now I don’t even care!

  11. Oh hunny I’m on the outskirts as well 😉 so much so I didn’t even get that e-mail! lol! I’m gonna get my Britmums ticket for this year (never been before and have decided I must!) soif I see you we’ll sneak off for a cheeky gin together round the back of the bike-shed with the other naughty kids :))) x

  12. I am so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I struggle to find the time to blog, what with working full time, and sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it as I don’t really generate a lot of comments. I often wonder if I’m talking to myself! But I love to blog, and when info take a step back I always feel as if I’m missing out. I do feel intimidated by the in-crowd, but hope that one day I’ll have a little gang of outsiders to hang out with!

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