Unexpected afternoon to myself!

Happy-New-Year-2014-1-1My friend Daisy has taken the kids swimming with her husband and Oscar, Joshua’s best friend. I was not feeling well – slept badly and feel like I have a cold coming on. So she offered to take them swimming which is just lovely. A lovely treat for them and a lovely break for me and Bella – Ben was off doing his own thing already (his own thing being DIY-related stuff). So I’m sat on the sofa with Lala’s Hello Kitty Duvet over my legs watching grown-up TV.

So what do I want to write about today? Well, my last post was all about last year. This one can be about this year and the plans I have.

Current Situation

  • Working at small company in Farnham still (contract is until end of April)
  • Living with Bella & Ross (Ross is Bella’s boyfriend who moved in a few months ago)

Plans for this year

  • Start studying for my Prince 2 Practitioner (January – March) – take exam by March
  • Start learning guitar and/or Turkish after the above is done
  • Get Joshua to learn how to swim
  • Lose 2 stone & get fit

Hopes for this year

  • That I get offered a permanent position at my company


OK, am not following a specific detox routine or anything but I’m back on Weight watchers. I’m booking myself into 3 fitness classes per week and I’ve quit smoking – and am not drinking for the duration of January – at least up until the 25th when I am going to a hen do in Wales. I’m NOT giving up coffee. That would be a step too far!!!

How is your new year going?

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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