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We just had a quiz at work. Its nearly xmas. And I love working here. We had such a giggle upstairs doing the quiz. I got a bit competitive about winning, but then didn’t even come in the top 3. I got back to my desk and suddenly feel a huge slump in mood. I don’t exactly know why but a few thoughts flying round my head were:

  • They are such a nice/fun bunch of people, why would they like me
  • It won’t last. You won’t get a permanent job here and you’ll be back somewhere you hate again soon
  • Or you’ll do something to screw up
I must learn to quieten these demons.

2 Thoughts on “Demons

  1. Hi, I recently found your blog and this post was something I could really relate to, particularly your first point. I started a new job in the summer after two years in a toxic workplace. I now work with amazing people, but my past experience has left me scarred and I do find myself questioning whether people really do like me. I don’t have any advice for getting past that, but I feel for you being in a similar place.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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