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I had my first proper session in the gym tonight at Farnham Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre. I had my induction on Thursday morning at 7.30am. Yes, 7.30 of the AM. I thought I was a bit mad too! I’m not a morning person. AT ALL. And it just so happens that that night I had to go and pick Ben up from Woking at 3.30am (got back at 4.30am). Then up at ten to 7 and out the door. Anyway, my induction was with the lovely Marie. A very nice lady. Actually, rewind a bit. I’m tired and completely out of practice at blogging. And I wish that I had the time to blog about everything as it happens. But that just isn’t happening right now, so I’m going to do my best.

Sunday 8th December – a week ago yesterday – I had my health check at the gym. It is basically a Health MOT. They do your weight, height, measurements, test your glucose and cholesterol levels, blood pressure, resting heart rate and they record all this information. Then they set you up with an account for Nuffield Health Score – a website and app for tracking your activity and health levels. I will blog more about this later when I’ve had time to have a bit more of a play. I have only just started using it tonight really to track my activities – although it does connect to my FitBit flex (a few clicks to set it up) and then any activity I do by just moving around actually gets noted in my Nuffield Healthscore account. So it all went pretty well. My bloodpressure, glucose, cholesterol, in fact all of it was pretty good. Apart from the fact that my BMI puts me technically as obese. Which is odd because I really don’t feel obese. Anyway, that’s a moan for another day!

So after that I went back on the Monday (the 9th December – I think) for a quick session in the gym. But I was not feeling great (period) and so I didn’t stay too long. Also I was feeling a little low and insecure and everyone there seemed to know what they were doing and I just went on the treadmill for a bit – I know how to use that and did about half an hour on there. Then I came off and was not sure what to do next so I just came home. Ben wanted me to get home quickly for some reason that I can’t now remember so I didn’t get to use the jacuzzi like I’d planned and I left feeling pretty disheartened.

I didn’t go again until Thursday morning – when, as mentioned above, I got up at 7.30am (sorry, I’m still amazed that I managed to get myself there so early!) for my gym induction. It was good to have a program drawn up for me. Marie was very nice – reassuring, friendly… and she put together a gym program for me. I will write more about that later. We also discussed me attending some classes to mix it up a little. I left feeling much more confident about the whole thing.

We were busy all weekend (well, when I say BUSY I mean that I was a little hungover & tired Saturday after a FAB work Christmas Party Friday night so we had a movie day and then visited Ben’s mum at 4pm ish and then Sunday we went to Southampton for the Christmas Fair) so I didn’t do any exercise or get to go to the gym again. Which is why I decided to come tonight.

Ben is out tonight at a concert but I knew that Bella & Ross (aupair and aupair’s boyfriend / friend) were going to be home so I went out after the kids were in bed. I got there just before 8pm. I did my program – which consists of (off the top of my head):


  • 10 minute warm up on crosstrainer
  • 15 minutes on the treadmill (1 minute walking, 1 minute running – except tonight I had the wrong shoes on – cos my trainers got covered in dog shit in the garden so I was wearing my vans which are okay for walking but not running – my ankle started hurting so I only managed about 3 lots of running)
  • 10 minutes on bike or upward climby thing (can’t remember proper name)


  • Chest press
  • Leg press
  • Another chesty press machine
  • Lunges
  • Plank
  • Bridge

I may have missed a few of the body exercises….. I didn’t bring my programme home which is probably a bit silly when I was planning on writing about it.

So tonight, I did my program. I just kind of tried to figure out what my comfortable levels were. I definitely need to wear proper gym shoes – oh and get a decent sports bra. But I felt more confident. I even asked some big guys doing weights if they knew what the “bridge” position was. I did notice that there was not often a member of staff around – that I could see. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention but there was not an obvious staff presence. Maybe it was just a bit late – the gym was not too busy, granted. But a couple of times I’ve been and I’ve thought “oh maybe I’ll ask someone about this” and there had not been anyone around that I could ask. Just an observation.

Oh, another observation – the Wifi connection is rubbish! I’ve not been able to connect to the network that I was given the access details for, since my first visit.

After doing my exercise, even though my tummy was rumbling, I thought I’d try out the jacuzzi. I spent another half hour there! It was LOVELY. I could feel the bubbles massaging my back! Oh and I had a nice shower after that – using the complimentary shower gel!

I have booked myself (and Bella) into a Zumba class on Wednesday night. Looking forward to that. Plan to post again after that!

Oh – also, this friday at Weight Watchers, I lost 3.5lbs! Go me! And I’ve dropped a dress size – down to a size 16 from an 18.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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