My First Visit to @NuffieldHealth

I’m sitting in the cafe area of Nuffield Health. I had a meeting at 6pm with the manager here to fill in some forms and talk generally about the health centre and about what I am hoping to achieve.

Once I’d filled in the forms and she had shown me around the place, I changed into my gym clothes (just leggings and a Sainsbury’s top – I must get some decent workout clothes once I lose a bit of weight) and went through to the gym and did about 25 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the cross trainer. I ran some of the time on the treadmill and I wasn’t timing myself. I decided to focus on number of calories – because I found out by searching online that for every 100 calories you can gain a Weight Watchers pro-point and, as I was rather naughty this weekend, I need every activity pro-point I can get. I’m actually 3 points OVER my weekly allowance so I need the extra points to make it up.

I really wish I’d brought my swimming stuff. They have a lovely pool and Jacuzzi which I am dying to try out. I would have to do a work out first obviously, but how lovely to just lie back and soak up the hot bubbles after a good exercise session!!! I will definitely be doing that one day this week. Not tonight though as I got a call at half 7 from hubby asking if I would be home by 8pm as he wants to nip to the shops before going to his charity meeting (he’s a member of a local charity organisation called the Hedgehogs). So I wouldn’t be able to stay later even if I had my stuff.

I’d better go as I told him id be back by 10 to 8 and its quarter to now!!

I’m home now. Now I’m back I actually feel really tearful. I enjoyed being at the gym. I think I did quite well. I built up a sweat but in my current kind of vulnerable state I felt a little bit out of place. After I’d done my time on the treadmill – burnt 200 calories (yay – 2 activity points) and about 10 on the cross-trainer – man those things are hard work (managed to burn another 100 calories on that but it almost killed me) I wasn’t really sure what to do next. I like small free weights and if I’d have found any I’d have just done a few arm and shoulder exercises. But I could only see the big heavy weights where the big muscly men do their exercises.

I have a fitness appointment on Sunday so hopefully after that I will feel a little more comfortable. They will do up a programme and assign me someone I can meet with and direct my questions to.

I also got someone in reception to take a couple of photos of me which I will use as my BEFORE photos.

Here are the before pictures, followed by some photos of the Health Centre.




Farnham-Gym-Cafe1 Farnham-Gym-Reception1 Farnham-Gym-Studio1 Farnham-Gym-Swimming-Pool1-1 Farnham-Gym-Weight-Training1If you would like further information on Nuffield Health you can go to their website. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.


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