Fabulous girls night in

Just in bed after a wonderful girls night in.

It was going to be me and Bella and we were going to watch a movie together. Anyway, Daisy, mum of Joshua’s best friend Oscar, texted earlier to ask what we were up to tonight and I told her that we were on our own as the men-folk (ben and bella’s boyfriend – who has just moved in with us) were out for the night seeing a band. So I said the more the merrier. We drank wine, and once it became clear that I wasn’t going to be able to watch the movie that we wanted to watch, I decided to pick a movie from our shelf of DVDs. I picked a true girlie chick flick called Slipper and the Rose. Filmed in 1976, it is everything that a girl needs from a romantic movie. It has comedy, romance, conflict, even magic. Its based on the story of cindarella. I loved watching it again. It took me right back to being a young girl, with dreams of romance and balls and dancing and magic. I loved every second. And what’s more, I think Bella and Daisy enjoyed it too!

I’ve already planned what we’re going to watch the next time the men go out – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

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  1. LOVE nights like this – will have to look that film up, sounds perfect 🙂

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