Another busy week at work and other news

Well, its the end of another busy week at work.

Still really enjoying it. Worked until late Wednesday night to finish something off and then worked from home Thursday. Which was a lovely treat – even though I barely left my screen from 9.30am until 6pm (I had a late night so felt I deserved a slightly later start).

I’m really tired tonight because we had a bit of a late night and some drinks last night – not to mention smoking rollies on the decking – leaving me feeling pretty urgh this morning. Must remember that Thursday nights are not “lets have fun” nights!!!

In other news, you might be hearing a bit more from me on the subject of Weight Loss. Starting Monday I’m going to be trialing membership at a local Health Club called Nufflield Health. It is just down the road from our house and is a lovely place – I’ve not been there in a while as we always considered it somewhat out of our price range but now my dad has said he’ll pay for a year’s membership once I get down to 3 stone, I am going to try it out and I have very kindly been offered a 2 month membership in exchange for blogging and tweeting about the experience.

I know when I do this I’m going to have to be much more disciplined about blogging than I have been the last few weeks – work has kind of exhausted me so by most evenings I’m shattered, but I intend to blog the hell out of this. It is too good an opportunity to miss out on – and I know if I’m blogging about it, it will keep me motivated.

Oh and I lost 4.5 lbs this week at my first weight in. I’m going to go now as its my lie in tomorrow and Im utterly shattered! Good night, sweet dreams.

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