Weight Watchers – again (hopefully this time will be the charm!!!)

While I’m on the blogging roll – just posted an update post which took me a whole week…. Here is another one.

What with the new start at work and it’s all going well with Bella (our au pair) I decided that it’s time to tackle my ever creeping weight. So I have joined a new Weight Watchers meeting – fresh start and all that. The meeting is on Fridays at 10 AM round the corner from the office and my work has agreed that I can go take my lunch early (I really love this place). I went to my first meeting yesterday. The leader was lovely, the people were really nice, and it wasn’t too busy, which was really an issue at my last meeting. I bought myself a few treats from the meeting and I prepared the way for next week, by measuring up things like nuts for my salads, I hard boiled some eggs, and I cooked some chicken breasts and chopped them up and put them in labelled boxes so I know how many points they are. I also boxed up and labelled some leftover rice from last night’s dinner.

I feel motivated this time and I feel ready.

Here is a picture of my tracker from today.


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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