Not enough time, not enough energy and a broken blog site!

Its been a busy few weeks – last weekend we did Brighton on one day, then went out on the beers in the evening and then the following day (sunday) we went to see my friends ponies. I meant to post about this but I got distracted, while writing about Brighton about the fact that a lot of things on my site don’t work. The blog page links seem to be broken, the pbloggers badge isn’t working properly and when you click on a particularly long blog post it seems to not show properly. This is very frustrating.

Work has been boring and annoying and I’m generally not feeling too happy about things there. I’m actively looking for another job now and I am also doing my exam in a week and a half (although still not done nearly enough studying – going to crack on with it this week!). Hopefully once I’ve got that out of the way, I can focus on getting a new job so that I can get out of that energy-sucking, too far away, boring so a monkey could do it… job.

Our new aupair Bella has been with us for 2 whole weeks now although it feels like 6 months – in a good way. She seems to have slotted in beautifully to our little family!

I have been going for a walk/run with a friend (the mummy of one of Joshua’s little school friends) 3 times a week for the past two weeks. I’m quite impressed at how we’ve managed to keep it up. I’ve also agreed to ride my friend’s horse twice a week as she has injured herself and is having physio but the horse needs exercising (I’m actually overjoyed about this – not my friend being injured – the fact that she needs me to ride her horse). And while I’m doing a lot more exercise, I am worried that I’ve been overcompensating by eating more. I may have to start dietting if I don’t start to notice a difference in another couple of weeks.

I’m in bed now. Was going to watch a bit of TV on my laptop – I downloaded a new series called Nashville which a friend recommended – or read a book and try and stay awake for pBloggers. Hubby has gone out to meet his boss and a colleague for a drink.

I don’t know how you will manage to see this, if it will display properly – maybe you read it on an RSS feed thing like BlogLovin. I hope it shows up okay. I need to find a moment to focus enough on my blog to try and fix a few issues with it! Nothing is ever simple, is it?

PS: I have a large spot coming up on my chin. I’m resisting squeezing it!

One Thought on “Not enough time, not enough energy and a broken blog site!

  1. So glad u have a nice new aupair!! I read you blog on bloglovin so I can see everything? Really hope u get a new job soon too!! Ps. I also have a spot on my chin and couldn’t resist :-/
    Hayley 🙂
    Ps. I changed the name of my blog and its now at xo

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