Struggling to stay focussed (and positive)

The office is very very quiet today. It should be a good thing. There is hardly anyone in the office and I don’t have much work to do – plenty of time to busy myself on other things – and I have tried somewhat. But I’m finding it very hard to stay focussed. Things I should be focussing on – my studies. I have an exam on Wednesday and I need to study. I currently have a PDF open in another window that I’m studying – a Prince2 summary type presentation which I’m going through to make sure I have all the main principals down. But I’m struggling to concentrate on it.

I have done a couple of useful things today. I fixed the PBloggers site forum page which had been coming up with an unknown link – which is very annoying when you’ve been sending tweets out telling people to check out the forums. The correct page is here by the way. I also fixed the favicon (tiny icon that appears at the top of your browser tab when on a particular website – if you have ebay open it will show the ebay sign next to the Ebay name – and it will also show on the bookmarks bar too if you have one) on this site. So now you should see the little mini-mum in a hurry icon at the top of your page.

I am feeling dishearted (again) regarding pbloggers. I just went on Britmums to have a look at something after receiving their email newsletter (should I be doing one of them? – as if I’d have time) and looked at their forums which are just BURSTING with topics and activity. Why don’t I just throw myself into somebody else’s forum and chat and get out there? What made me think I was so special that I could create my own bloggers forum/network? I’m having a whole load of self-doubt. I know, I should just stop bitching and get on with it. But I find it so hard to find the time to do everything I want to do – mixed with studying which I don’t really want to do but I have to so I can find a better (still boring but better) job somewhere that is closer to home and ISN’T HERE. I am just starting to feel REALLY low. Who the f*** did I think I was?

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  2. Hi Abi, just came to your blog after you tweeted this post. A couple of observations (helpful I hope) Before I read this, I had never heard of pbloggers (says more about me than you I think!) and so I looked around your site cause I was curious… I couldn’t find any mention of it on your “about me” page (perhaps you should explain what it is and why you set it up for people like me?) the link in your menu bar doesn’t seem to work and that PBloggers badge bottom left should be WAY higher up on the page if the project is as important to you as it sounds… It sounds like you juggle a lot and are doing your best, so don’t lose faith and I hope my comment comes across as helpful and not picky… 🙂

    • No, thank you. Very helpful comments. I will make those changes for sure! Thank you for such constructive and useful comments.

    • Thanks again Clare for your comments. I have already actioned some of the points you mentioned! I have:
      1) Updated the menu bar on my blog so that the pbloggers menu link is called “PBloggers Network” and links to the post I wrote introducing the new site.
      2) For some reason there was a dead link in that post, so I updated that too.
      3) Checked all the menu links in the pbloggers site – have now checked and corrected any dead ones
      4) Moved around the sidebar items on both my blog and the pbloggers one.

      What do you think of it now? Be very interested to see if you think its improved.

      One more thing you mentioned was my About Me page. Very good point. I think this actually need a whole re-write, so I’m going to start thinking about that. It needs a more recent photo too!

  3. It’s so difficult to keep motivated when u juggle so many balls. I’m the same at the mo. Not as good as you though, setting up a bloggers forum/network. That is a fantastic achievement. You should be proud. *i’m popping over to pbloggers network right now. Lynne

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