I have been inspired to write this by a post I read over at Max & Mummy, which was actually a guest post by Emma at Handbags to Change Bags.

It made me think about Joshua and Lala and how lovely they both are together. They do fight sometimes and their bickering drives me mad but they are also incredibly cute together.


  • I love how you give your little sister a kiss before we leave you in your classroom at school
  • I love the little kind things you do for her – like getting her jewellery box down for her when she couldn’t reach it
  • I love how you chat away to each other in the car
  • And play together building cars out of tables & chairs
  • I love how you love to boss her around – I know you wouldn’t bother telling her what to do if you didn’t want her to play with you!
  • I love how you like to remind Lala that you are her big brother


  • I love how you call your big brother “Josha” cos you can’t quite pronounce “Josh-u-a”
  • I love how you really want to go to school with Joshua – you even sit yourself down at one of the tables!!
  • I love how you let Joshua boss you around
  • I love (in hindsight now you are asleep) how you collaborate together like a little criminal mastermind team to escape your room and think up excuses of why you are up that won’t make me mad!
  • I love how in the morning you take yourselves downstairs sometimes without even coming into my room (I usually hear you both on the stairs thank god as I’m not too sure about the safety aspect of a 3 and nearly 5 year old helping themselves to breakfast!)

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  1. Aw I loved reading that! It’s lovely when your babies get along isn’t it 🙂 Thanks for the mention by the way xxx

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