Camping in Wales – Saturday (Day 2)


We have spent the day on the beach. We parked on a hill and its a long walk down a cliff to the beach. It’s incredibly scary but also beautiful. The kids really enjoyed themselves. We built a sand plane and a sand space ship and lots of sand castles that Lala immediately demolished. And Lala played in the water a bit and fell in so we had to change her clothes. Then we did the walk back up to the top, during which Lala insisted on being carried. I gave in but only for some of the way. Then we went to the surf shop and I bought the kids a tennis ball each and me a pink hoody.

After that we drove to the nearest village and had fish and chips in the car. It was REALLY good fish and chips. I’m now stuffed.


Ben’s taken Josh out in the car to buy a pink icecream on a stick and Lala is watching Rio inside on the iPad. Am having a ciggie – yes, I bought some – & a glass of red wine and enjoying a bit of peace and quiet while it lasts.


I’m very grateful for my hoody. It’s really lovely and sunny but, being Wales, there is a decent amount of wind.

I can see Ben coming back through the gate. Think the peace and quiet wont last much longer now!! We’ll see!!!

Here are some photos from the day:











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