How do you follow blogs?

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I have really been struggling to keep up with my blog reading lately. So I apologise if I haven’t been commenting or even reading your stuff lately, but with pBloggers, my own blog and family and work, I am really struggling.

I used to use Google Reader which I really liked. I liked the format, how easy it was just to scroll through your reading list and it would mark things as read if you scrolled past them. So I would just read what I was interested in and the posts would not build up like they seem to be now.

Then when Google Reader was shut down I started using BlogLovin. Now I really like Bloglovin but there are a few things that I’m struggling with. Firstly, I am now using Bloglovin for the pBloggers account too. Basically, anyone that follows the pBloggers blog via Bloglovin, we then follow back and then we use the Bloglovin feed to pick our favourite blog posts for our write ups. Now, while logging in and out of bloglovin accounts is not so much of a problem online (I’ve got it to save the passwords) on my phone its a pain in the back side. So I’ve decided to try Feedly, which I’ve heard good things about. I really like the iPhone app. Its very smooth and has really nice transition between blog posts. It looks like a lot of thought has gone into the design. My only problem is that Bloglovin currently has no way of exporting blogs to another provider and I haven’t had time to add them all one by one. I follow a lot of blogs. I think I may have to abandon some of the blogs I follow as I just don’t have time to follow them all.

What do you do? How do you follow other blogs? Do you subscribe by email (I hate the idea of my inbox filling up with blog posts)? Do you use Bloglovin? Or another provider?

17 Thoughts on “How do you follow blogs?

  1. I keep an eye on my reading via Bloglovin, g+ and WordPress, plus I have a few via email (like yours). It isn’t the easiest way of doing it, flitting between them all, but I get there eventually. I’ve never heard of Feedly, so you’ll have to keep us posted. x

  2. I just use the blogger dashboard on my google account, and bloglovin, and others (like yours) by email subscription. Its a bit of a pain having 3 different ways, so I certainly wouldn’t entertain any other ways – I follow about 180, so it takes a while, but I dont always read every single one.

    • I am honoured you have mine going into your email. THank you xxxx

      • I have to admit that the ones that come in on email are always deleted as soon as I’ve read them, and commented if I want to, so they dont stay in my inbox longer than absolutely necessary. I keep my inbox empty too, so I know that if there’s something there it needs dealing with or zapping. I’m at a loss as to why you are honoured that I read yours, I’m only a normal person just like everyone else – unless that was said tongue in cheek 😉

        • No. Wasn’t tongue in cheek. I am just still surprised sometimes that anyone reads my stuff – let alone purposely subscribe by email! lol. Must work on Self-worth!

  3. I tend to just use twitter these days and pick up on bits that look interesting… it’s probably more work that way but seems to give me a good spread of blogs to read and keep put to date with! xx

    • I think if I left it up to twitter I’d not read any blog posts ever! I usually just go on Twitter when I have a short time to be nosy. But reading blog posts normally takes up a little bit more time.

  4. I follow blogs with Bloglovin but I know there are blogs I’m might be missing out on as they’re not signed up to Bloglovin 🙁
    I also read blogs by the ones that I’ve signed up to by email subscription and they appear in my inbox…..I know what you mean by my inbox filling up with blog posts…Sometimes I get hundreds a day! lol

    • Yeah I couldn’t cope with that. I really like keeping my inbox at zero if I can possibly help it and then I know that anything in there needs to be dealt with right away. Hopefully Feedly will work for me. Currently have only 60 posts to catch up on (not all of them I’ll read and some of them I’ve probably already looked at when I was on Bloglovin).

  5. I use both and I like neither I miss being able to read blogs offline. So when out and about waiting for buses etc.

    • Same here. Hard to find just what you’re looking for. Would be good if Bloglovin had a comment facility. But then that would only be any good if the writer had claimed their blog on bloglovin.

  6. I use bloglovin, its a pain on my phone so either do it on the laptop or kindle. Other than that I click links on twitter 🙂 I follow so many but keep my favourites I’m a most read file on bloglovin. X

  7. I have Bloglovin, I will also just pick up on something from twitter, usually it’s a blog I don’t have on my follow list.

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