PBloggers Parent Blogger Network Goes Live! #pbloggers @pbloggersnet

Well, as you may have noticed if you follow my tweets or have talked to me lately, I have been very busy and very excited about a new venture I’ve been working on!

PBloggers started in March as a Twitter Party – you can read about how it started. Originally it was an idea between 5 of us mummy bloggers and between us for the first couple of months we ran it together. However, lives being busy, slowly the others dropped out until there was just me left. Not that I minded much as although I rarely got around to doing the write up, running the Twitter parties was something I really enjoyed doing and looked forward to each week.

Then one week, not long after I came back from Britmums Live while I was really buzzed about the blogging community, the idea came up during the weekly Twitter Party that we should have a #pbloggers meet up. A few bloggers messaged me showing an interest in helping set up #pbloggers as more than just a Twitter Party and we commenced email correspondence between us.

I bought the domain for the New Pbloggers Site, increased my hosting so that I could manage more than one site, contacted the very lovely graphic designer Bonnita Graphics that designed my blog banner and asked her to do something new for pBloggers. I love what she did. I then went about fiddling and tweaking the site on WordPress until it looked about right! It took ages and I spent hours on it! But I’m happy with it now! It has a forum where people can log in and discuss things.

You can read our first blog post here.

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