Anniversary Dinner

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So, it was our anniversary this week. We were supposed to be going out to the cinema last night. And, even though we were only going the cinema, I got dressed up as its not every day you celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary. Funnily, as I got into the car I said to him “am I a bit overdressed for the cinema?”. However, when he turned left at the top of the road, instead of right, I asked him why he’d gone the wrong way and he said “I didn’t fancy the cinema”. He’d booked a table at a restaurant (sneaky bugger!) that is just down the road from us but which we’ve never actually been to. Its called Hotel Daniele and it’s on the outskirts of Farnham. It has a lovely atmosphere. We were sat outside in a sheltered area right next to an outdoor oven where the chef was making fresh bread and other things. All the staff were Italian (I suspect its a bit of a family business??) and they were all lovely and attentive. There was a stag party that were sat on the gravel just away from the restaurant. Far from being disturbing and lairy I quite enjoyed doing a bit of people watching – trying to guess who was the groome, who was the best man etc. In fact, while we were having a cigarrette away from the table (too close to other diners to smoke at the table and also Ben tells me that it has to have 3 open sides and the area we were sitting in had 2 open sides. And anyway, lighting up right next to people who are eating their dinner would have been rude)… where was I? Oh yes, while we were having a ciggie, we got chatting to one of them. An older man who was married for 20 years but then divorced. He has 2 daughters (aged 17 and older). We found out that the wedding was the next day (today now, in fact). We were quite amused later on watching the amount of Peroni that was being brought out to their table and the amount of empties coming back. In fact, we saw one of the waiters go off in a car and then come back with crates of Peroni TWICE (clearly they hadn’t anticipated the sheer volume being consumed!).

Anyway, back to the restaurant. The food was AMAZING. I had a bottle of pinot grigio and Ben drank Peroni (I made a joke to the waitress when he asked for a 3rd one, that we’d better get one in before they all go). We had some bruscetta to start with. Then for starter, I had mushrooms in a garlicky sauce (forgot to take a picture of this!). Ben had a plate of fried fish – calamari, white bait and something else. Then for main, I had tagliatelli with mushroom sauce (can you tell I like my mushrooms?) and Ben had tiger prawns.

After our meal we had coffee/dessert (I was too full for dessert so just had a latte – and no I wasn’t being good I just didn’t fancy anything on the menu at the time) which was VERY nice and then we paid the bill and the nice people at the restaurant ordered us a taxi – we could have walked it but I was in high heels and hadn’t brought a pair of flats with me. We got the taxi to drop us off at our local pub, but we were too tired to really enjoy a drink there. We just felt like going home at 10.30pm on a night out would be a cop out. But in the end we finished our drinks and were back home just after 11pm. It was still a very nice night out. But we’re definitely getting too old for all night partying – or even most of night partying! Give us a good meal and then bed, anytime!!!





Mushroom tagliatelli


Ben’s monster prawns

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