Weight Watchers & General Update

Hi, so I’ve been a bit quiet since Monday when I had my mini-strop. I’m still looking for another job and have actually been applying for things rather than just expecting things to drop into my lap! So I’m working on that side of things.

I also have another little project on the go but I’m not saying what that’s about – another reason I haven’t been writing my own blog this week – as I’ve been working on another site….. all to be revealed at a later date – when its finished!!!

On Weight Watchers

So, on the day after Glastonbury, I gained 4lbs. The following week (my weigh in day is on the Tuesday), even though I had not been very good, I thought, I still managed to lose 2lbs. Last week (ie the week from Wednesday the previous week to this Tuesday just gone), again I hadn’t been very good – not good at tracking, and had eaten a few things I probably shouldn’t have – I still managed to lose another 1.5lbs. So this is a summary of my weight so far since I (re-)joined Weight Watchers. I’ve put it in a spreadsheet, as you do…. I’ve also projected that if I lose 2lbs a week (probably a bit optimistic, but it gives me hope), I could be at my goal weight by mid-October! Yay!!!

So, as I was a little naughty over the last couple of weeks and (thankfully) still managed to lose weight, I have decided that enough is enough and I’m not going to allow myself to carry on being naughty as I’ll just end up putting it back on, so this week (since Wednesday) I have been tracking everything. Today I have 14 points left for today and 42 of my weekly points remaining. Oh and so far I also earnt 5 activity points so I have those at my disposal too. Tonight I’m going to treat myself to some nice olives with cheese as my treat and a couple of glasses of wine. And then relax on my decking and then watch a bit of tv. The hubby is going out after the kids are in bed so I get the TV to myself. I’m catching up on Banshee at the moment and really liking it, but as I started watching it without him, he has a habit of asking me what’s going on if he watches it with me, which is annoying.

I’m feeling quite positive about my weight loss at the moment. Losing for the last couple of weeks has definitely helped boost my morale and motivation and now I’m determined to keep that momentum going. I can see myself in a few weeks/months time getting into clothes that have been a bit too small for me for a while and also taking myself shopping to buy a few clothes.

Its all good!


Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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