Weight Watchers update / Bedtime shenanigans

The plan was to go to the Weight Watchers meeting tonight after putting the kids to bed and the au-pair would babysit for me once they were settled. As you know if you read this post, the kids have been a bit of a nightmare at bedtime. After talking to my mum on the phone last night (was feeling a little low) I decided to take up her suggestion of putting Lala to bed early. So at 6.30pm I took her up and got her ready for bed while Joshua watched TV downstairs. After giving her her milk and reading her a story I tried to leave and she tried to follow me and then she basically protested for ages and I had to come up at 7.15 and try to get her in bed again. At which point I decided that it was late enough and Joshua needed to go to bed too. So I got him ready for bed and tucked them both in (after Lala running away several times and saying it wasn’t bedtime). Eventually I got them both into bed and was sitting on the stairs at 7.35pm when the au-pair (only not naming her because I don’t know if she would want her name on here) came out of her room and said did I want to go. I was quite pleased because I thought I wasn’t going to make it – suspected another half hour of messing around and didn’t want to leave her with the fallout. But she said she would be okay and I just told her to put them back into bed if they came out. Thankfully when I got back they hadn’t come out of their room although they were still chatting when I got home at 8.45pm.

Anyway, I rushed to Weight Watchers and got weighed (really rushing this post now as have 4% left on laptop) and it turned out I’d lost 2lbs!!! Haven’t really been tracking very well and eaten a few things I hadn’t but maybe its the latent effect of all that walking at glastonbury. Oh well, its all good. So I celebrated by eating pizza! Yeah yeah! I know! I enjoyed it. And tomorrow its back on the wagon.

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  1. Cant beat a lovely pizza, lol. Xxx

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