Parenting… the right way? #pbloggers


What is the right way to do it?

Can someone please point me to the link to the manual… there must be one? No-one in their right mind would invent something as trying as a toddler and not provide you with an instruction booklet!

Sometimes (actually most of the time) I feel like I haven’t actually got a clue what I’m doing.

Take tonight, I put the kids to bed. I did the usual routine: teeth, washing faces, changing into jimjams, getting them into bed, giving them their milk, then the fun began. They wanted to sleep in the same bed (they have bunks and rather than one having the top and the other having the bottom, lately they like to sleep on at either end). But tonight they were refusing to go to sleep. I must have gone up and down those stairs more than 10 times. I tried: telling them off, threatening to take toys away, reasoning with them (I hear you laughing – yes, I know, I tried reasoning with toddlers… I feel stupid now I’ve written it down), I tried threatening to separate them (turning my office into a bedroom so they would have to sleep in separate rooms – that just made Lala say she wanted to sleep in Mummy’s room… In the end, whatever worked, taking their favourite toys away, might just have worked because they had been messing around for nearly 2 hours and were obviously tired. Not to mention hot. Their room is like an oven. I have the window open even though I’m terrified of one of them climbing up there but its just too hot. I need a fan or something for their room.

In short, I’m at a loss. They are little buggers and I’m tired of it and I’m sure I’m doing it all wrong but right now I’m too tired to try to work out what I should be doing and then put that into practice!



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  1. judithkingston on July 8, 2013 at 23:19 said:

    Your artwork is incredibly skillful! 🙂 No answers here, I just ignore my toddler until he gets tired and puts himself to bed. But that usually takes at most an hour, during which time he just plays and sings to himself in his room.

    • Thank you kindly. I thought it was rather good! I could try to ignore them but they were making a hell of a racket, running around like a little pack of thugs and generally causing chaos.

  2. We are having a similar problem at the moment so I shall be stalking this with interest!

    • Let me know if you get anywhere! I will update the blog on my progress if any. And if I decide its all too much for me, I will make sure its in my will to update the blog for me! (joke)

  3. I’m terrified of the idea of my toddler sharing a room with a sibling in the future for this very reason! My boy is such a good sleeper that he’s bordering on being some sort of scientific experiment and I don’t want ANYTHING messing that up haha! Clearly we are going to have to move to a bigger house before we have baby number two, either that or baby number two gets a bedroom with a door that leads into the garden!

    Hope things improve soon! x

    • They haven’t always been this bad. I think the disruption of us going to Glastonbury (and them staying at either grandparents) has messed up their sense of routine…. hopefully I’ll be able to get them back on track somehow!

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