Glastonbury – Heading Home #glasto2013 #pbloggers

We’re sat in the queue to leave the site. Have had a fantastic time. Am looking forward to getting home: to seeing the kids, to having a bath, to my own bed… We are going to stop for breakfast somewhere. If we ever get off the site.

We’ve been sat in the queue for over an hour. I just want some food and to get home. Ben is driving and has a jar of marmite between his legs and is dipping his finger into the jar every now and then. It’s quite disgusting. But the slurping sounds are making me hungry.

Update: started moving a bit more now. We’re on an actual road and there was a burger van just before the exit so we got a coffee each and a hot dog between us to keep us going until we can get to somewhere that does food.





Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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