Glastonbury – Day 1 (Wednesday)

Ok, technically it’s now day 2. It’s 10.55 and we lay in until about 9am. Feeling a bit tired bit chilled. Hubby is making barbecued breakfast – sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, bacon is being done in the caravan. All is good with the world. I have a nice cup of tea.

I arrived on site at around 3. Walked down to the acoustic stage and sat around for a bit chatting to random strangers while I waited for Ben and the others to meet me.

We hung around, drinking wine, then we got something to eat and then bimbled around for a bit and headed back to the camper for a bit of a rest before heading out again to go see the stone circle and some more bimbling. By the time we walked back again for the night I was really struggling. I had to lie down for a bit (collapsed would be more accurate). When we got back I went straight to bed!!!

I ate: grande nachos from Mexican Cantina, fries with mayonnaise from a burger van

I drank: mainly wine

I saw: stoned circle, big fire, man in cow suit, the unfair ground (walked through it)









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