Glastonbury – I’m on my way #glasto2013

I’m on my way to Castle Cary. I left the office just after 12 and got the shuttle bus to Reading town centre, from where I got on the train (which was delayed). I’m now sat on the train with a carriage full of people and their tents and rucksacks, drinking my bottle of bubbly. I’m sharing it with a bloke (only 18, bless him) who I got chatting to on the platform. The weather is glorious and I’m feeling pretty positive. I’m not going to listen to the nagging guilty feelings about leaving my kids for 5 days. Might as well enjoy it, eh?

I have mostly written my BritMums live post but its not done yet and I don’t want to miss anything so I am going to finish it later.


2 Thoughts on “Glastonbury – I’m on my way #glasto2013

  1. You getting away and having time to yourself will make you a better mum!!
    Have a great time away!!

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