Road rage

Why is it sometimes the roads just seem to be full of wankers?

I think I’m a good driver. I am confident but not aggressive. I don’t drive too slow. I don’t sit in the outside lane. I pull over for people that want to go faster as I don’t mind that people want to overtake me. But I do mind when other drivers are just plain rude.
This morning I seemed to run into quite a few of these rude individuals (on this occasion, all men) who seemed to think that they owned the roads and that how dare a silly little woman in her silly little red car pull out in front of them. I have to say, I did not cut anyone up. I just pulled out (I was stuck behind a truck and wanted to overtake) but the road, as it usually is at 8am, was pretty busy. I did have room. Obviously the guy in front of me didn’t think I did have enough room but maybe he shouldn’t have been going so fast. I probably did make him break a tiny bit but he plenty of room to apply the breaks gently and then by the time I’d pulled out, picked up speed, overtaken, and then pulled in once I’d overtaken. But no, this guy had to flash me because apparently on a busy road only THEY can behave confidently and take the opportunity to pull out when a gap arises. Ugh. This really gets my goat.

7 Thoughts on “Road rage

  1. I know this is bad…. But you should use your middle finger more:) That’s why God gave it to you! Bollox to rude drivers!!

  2. Yeah – there’s loads of them around unfortunately…. on sundays they all congregate in the roads around my house I’ve noticed… lol xx

  3. Every driver who passed their test more than say ten years ago should have to take a re-test, in my view! 🙂 It seems so few fully understand the rules of the road – or they just feel the rules no longer apply all of a sudden.

    From the pedestrian point of view, i’ve lost my cool soooo many times at drivers who have not bothered to INDICATE, as they turn unexpectedly putting our kids in danger just because they can’t be arsed to flick their indicator down! Grrr.

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