Feeling hurt

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I’m feeling hurt. Someone recently removed me off Facebook. Someone who I considered a friend. Maybe not exactly a close friend but I liked her very much and she looked after my daughter for some time before she gave up to look after her new baby. She apparently removed me due to thinking that, after a row, I had removed her from seeing certain posts on Facebook after a bit of a falling out. I don’t think I did this. But if it was it was more due to me feeling self-conscious and worrying what she would think about things I wrote. I like to write from the heart. Some people on my friends list are on Restricted which means they will only see things if I make them “public” but she wasn’t one of those people. I’m sure I didn’t do that. I can’t check now as she is no longer a Facebook friend so there is no way of me checking. I’m hurt because she thinks I’m vindictive. She thinks I blocked her out of nastiness (if I did it at all – which I don’t think I did). I’m hurt because someone who looked after my daughter for quite a long time and seemed to love spending time with her thinks that her mother (me) is a nasty person. I know I can’t be everybody’s friend but it hurts when someone you like gets you so completely wrong.

Lately I haven’t really had the time or energy to put a lot into friendships. Work and family life has been full on and I have had family issues which have got me down a lot so when I have had extra time I have spent it in bed crying. I hope that my closest friends will understand that I will get to them when I can and that I still love them all.

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  1. Sorry to hear that! So often I hear of friends who have ill-feeling towards others because of a Facebook removal. It’s strange how powerful social networks have become. I hope things turn out okay.

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