Holiday Journal – Day 08 – Wednesday 29th May

Well, we’ve been here for a week. My dad is in bed having had (I think) some of our gin. I won’t say much as my parents may read this and I don’t want to upset anyone but he shouldn’t drink but I guess it all became a bit much for him. The temptation as it were. We have been having a very lovely time.

Today, my parents went out to Alacati on their own and wandered around the shops. By all accounts they got lost on the way here and on the way back. When they got back Ben and I went off on our own, while my parents looked after the kids, and we went to Ilica to check our internet and Ben went to the bank. We had a beer between us and some chips.

Its been VERY windy today. So much so that we couldn’t hang our washing up on the dryer because they would have just blown off and we don’t have enough clothes pegs.

I’ve got through about 3 books so far this holiday. I started reading Sunflower, by Hayley Howard on the plane on the way to Turkey and then I started reading some books by Brian McGilloway. They are based in Ireland and tell the story of a Detective in Ireland called Ben Devlin. I’ve been enjoying them so much I’ve read 3 of them already. Sadly, I’ve just realised that I read them in the wrong order. The first one is called Borderlands. The one I read next was The Rising. Then I read Gallows Lane. I should have read Borderlands, then Gallows Lane and then the Rising. And I think the next one I am going to read should have been read before the Rising too.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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