Holiday Journal – Day 5 – Sunday 26th May


My parents arrived yesterday afternoon and we’ve been showing them around a bit. Yesterday evening we went to a local restaurant and had “pide [pronounced pee-deh] pizza” which is like a pizza on a flatbread/pitta bread base, and salad and meat kebabs and some other things. Lamajun (probably spelled it wrong) which is again like a thin pizza base bread with tomatoes and onions on it. It was all really nice. I wasn’t sure how impressed my parents were with the surroundings. While the restaurants do what they can to make it nice, its still really close to the road and can be quite dusty. But we all really enjoyed the food.

Today we have been to Alacati which is a quaint little town with cobbled streets and lots of beautiquey type shops and restaurants – right up my mum’s street. We stopped at a little cafe in the square and had chips for the kids, kumrus for my dad, Ben and myself (Kumrus are like little rolls with grilled tomatoes, two types of salami and melted cheese on – they are a local thing).

Lala is now having a nap and my dad, Ben and Joshua have gone to the supermarket to stock up on food and drinks.


The men and boy are back. Joshua is ALREADY whinging. It was so nice to have a while with no kids.


The kids have gone to bed a little earlier than normal which is nice as the last few nights they have still been up and being difficult by around 10pm. My parents helped bath them (together – which is a miracle as normally they don’t like to be bathed together) and put them in bed. We (me and Ben) came up to give them kisses but my parents dealt with it and I think that really helped. No sign of them yet, although I’m not ruling out an appearance yet. That would just be too good to be true. Ben has some chicken and fish on the barbecue and has made a lovely yoghurt and cucumber dip (something like cacik – which is the turkish equivalent of tatziki).

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  1. Hello my lovely, I sent you a DM on Twitter but thought I would try here – you are the newbie showcase tomorrow and I haven’t had your write up yet. Would you mind sending it over to me today as soon as you can please? Thanks xx

    • Hi Victoria, Sorry for delay in getting back to you. Thank you so much for featuring me or at least for intending to! I will work on it this weekend I promise and you can slot me in whenever is convenient! Thanks again xxxx

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