Holiday Journal – Day 3 – Friday 24th May


Ben and Joshua have gone out to get food for dinner. Lala is watching Toy Story (again) – we bought a TV last year and today we went out and got a DVD player. It just means we can get an hour or so of peace and quiet while they watch a movie. I only brought 3 but its enough as they only really have a few favourites. I brought Cars, Toy Story and Bee Movie.

We’ve had quite a lazy day. We hung around the house in the morning and then around lunchtime we pottered into Ilica which is the nearest town. It was quite quiet. The bars, restaurants and cafe’s were gearing up for the summer season. We split up, Ben and Joshua heading to the bank so Ben could pay some money in and Lala and myself found a seaside cafe/restaurant and ordered some chips and a beer. Ben & Josh joined us just as the chips arrived which were devoured in about 5 seconds. And we had to order some more. We then got ice-cream and the kids and I entertained ourselves in a small play park opposite the square while Ben went to the bank again (it had been closed the first time as we forgot they shut for lunch). Then on the way home we stopped at the supermarket (me and the kids stayed in the car) so Ben could get a new BBQ and a DVD player. And a magnum for me :). Later, back at the house the kids ran around the house and we had to take turns making sure they didn’t go out of the garden to the pool. I had a bit of a break while they watched Toy Story (for the first time today) and went upstairs to finish unpacking and do a little tidying up in ours and the kids room.


The kids are now in bed. Well, Ben is putting Josh to bed. I put Lala in bed a little while ago but she is being a little different. I think they struggle with the time-change.

Please comment so I know I'm not alone out here!

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