A-Z of Commuting

*I’ve had this post in my drafts for a while and as I’m going on holiday (and hence will THANKFULLY NOT be having to do the dastardly commute everyday) and planning on having a few posts scheduled to publish while I’m away (so you don’t forget about me), this seems like as good a time as any to publish it.
I guess this is what I would call a filler post. But as I was driving home one day, trying to think of blog post topics, I came across the idea to do an A-Z of commuting. And this is what I came up with.
A – A329M
B – BMW Drivers (enough said)
C – Courteous driving (something the above B entry don’t seem to know much about) – letting someone in front of you just because its not going to kill you to wait a few seconds and you might make someone else a little bit happy
D – Ducks – there is a particular route where I see ducks by a pond and last night when I drove past there were lots of little fluffy yellow chicks following the mother duck around
E – Eversley (a little country town I drive through)
F – Five O’Clock (home time!!!!)
G – Get off my bloody bumper!
H – Hyundai i10 (my lovely little runabout)
I – Its not forever (just have to keep reminding myself of this)
J – Jam (of the traffic variety)
K – Kan’t (can’t) think of anything for “K” – kilometers? Dunno! Cop out really!
L – Leaving on time
M – Music – what keeps me sane and stops me listening to the depressing news on the radio
N – National speed limit (after my speed awareness course I now know that this is 60 if you are on a dual carriageway that DOESN’T have a barrier in between the oncoming cars and you, and 70 if it DOES have a barrier. Or something like that).
O – Other drivers. Some are lovely, normal people. Others seem to think they own the bloody road! (see B)
P – Petrol – I get through SOOOOO much of it
Q – Queues. Yawn.
R – Roadkill (I wish there wasn’t so much of it – I feel sad every time I see one)
S – Speed cameras (watch out)
T – TomTom (I couldn’t live without that handy little app)
U – Utterly fed up of driving (how I feel by the end of the week!)
V – Valet (something my little car is in desperate need of)
W – Winding road route (on TomTom). Because I got bored of sitting in traffic I decided to try a few different routes when I had a bit more time – what TomTom Navigation software calls “Winding Road” routes. They save my sanity during that 50 minute twice daily drive as I can change the route that I go and opt sometimes for a country lane drive which is much easier on the eyes.
X – Xpletives (that I sometimes utter when cut up or driven up the arse by the driver of item B)
Y – Y (why) can’t I just work from home sometimes! Pah!
Z – Zebra crossings, Traffic lights, and suchlike

One Thought on “A-Z of Commuting

  1. Love to take a detour down a country route too, as you say, so much easier on the eyes. Not sure about the BMW drivers though. Finding them, on the whole, OK, Audi drivers seem to be the new BMW drivers round here (or maybe that’s just because I’m a bit jealous).

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