Holiday soon!

Well, we are off on holiday in a couple of days.
I really can’t wait. It feels like its been a long year since our last holiday (yes, I know, lucky to get to go abroad every year… blah de blah). But anyway. Its been a long time coming. It feels like we’ve had quite a lot of tricky things to deal with: I’ve been commuting to Reading since October & that in itself feels like a huge thing. I’ve been studying Prince 2 and am going to do the exam tomorrow before we go. Yikes. Oh and not to forget the fact that I’ve published an eBook. HUGE achievement for me. We’ve also had quite a lot of childcare-related headaches. And we have quite a lot of things coming up: Joshua is going to school in September and is growing up fast. Lala is starting potty training – we’re going to really focus on that on holiday as it will be warm, we’ll be around and she can wander around with no nappy on.
I really can’t wait. Really. So excited. I will try not to leave you all alone missing me. Will you miss me? I have a couple of blog posts that I will schedule to publish while I’m away but I will also be writing while I’m out there. I used to write a holiday journal and publish it as Notes on Facebook. I’m taking my laptop too so this will make it a lot easier for me to write. And then when we go somewhere that has Wifi I will try to publish.
In the meantime, so, we have two days to go. I’m going to do some studying today at lunchtime and some more tonight and then at 8pm tonight I’m being waxed… you know…. down there. And my lip and my eyebrows. Then tomorrow, I’ll be handing over all my work (all of it. Yeah, that will take about 5 minutes) and then in the evening I will do my exam (more studying at lunchtime to prepare probably). Then it will be done done done. Once done, apart from having a huge glass of wine or gin and tonic to celebrate, I will need to finish packing. I’ve kind of done it, but in a bit of a random manner. Not going through my pack-list methodically in a totally anally-retentive kind of way like I normally like to. So I’ll probably want to pull everything out of my bag, check it and put it all back again.
Then we’ll be off to the airport on Wednesday (Ben’s parents are driving us). For a LOOONNNNGGGGG flight. Two flights, actually. We are stopping off in Istanbul as the direct flights were too expensive. I don’t care how stressful its going to be. I just want to be on holiday. Plus the kids can be pretty good. Hopefully they will be so excited too that they’ll forget to be naughty and fight with eachother. Plus we’re going to be prepared. We will have:
  • iPad full of movies
  • toys
  • snacks
  • sweets
  • drawing (must remember to pack paper and pencils)
Will give you a bit of background about where we’re going. We have a house in Turkey which we bought with a friend of ours a few years ago (BK – before kids) when properties out there were ridiculously cheap. Its on a lovely little site with a shared pool. We have mostly Turkish neighbours and they are all lovely and friendly and we have a lovely lady and her partner who help us with managing the house – we rent it out when we’re not there – and the garden and things like that.
Over the years – particularly since the kids were born – the house has begun to mean much more than just a house. Its a place where we are building memories. We are very lucky to have it. Actually, no, we are very lucky that we are both in a position where we have been able to work hard to earn it!
Here are some of those memories:
Before the kids came along…..
There were boat trips:
and lazy evenings reading our books (we still get to do that a bit now but don’t stay up as late due to impending child-bouncing on bed activities)
Happy and relaxing times
Then there were stressful plane journeys
Tiring journeys
Which finally resulted in happy faces

And pooltime fun

And nappy rambling
 More poolside fun

 And beachtime fun too

These pictures are NOT in chronological order!!!

 Memories we will never forget!
This is our house as it looked last summer.

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