Sticking with it

I currently have my head in my hands while typing this on my phone into Evernote. Sunday lunch has reduced me nearly to tears.


It was all going quite well. We decided to have a barbecue because the weather was looking quite nice. But then just as the food was ready, it started to rain. So we took all the food inside, at which point the dog ate the children’s mashed potato which I’d laid out on the table outside. So Ben put some peas on to boil for them. Computer now rebooted so continuing this on there. Things were going quite well. Lala loved her sausages and Joshua at a whole burger with mustard on it (he actually piled a sausage on top of his burger in his burger bun and ate it like that. Well, each to their own.


We told Joshua he would get a special treat (ice-cream) if he ate all his peas. Which he did. Very good boy. Lala, however, was pretty unmoving. She was not eating even a single pea – yes we had been reduced from “eat your peas” to “eat some of your peas” to “eat a spoonful of peas” to “eat ONE SINGLE pea”. But she steadfastly refused. If I wasn’t so stressed about it I would be quite proud of her stubborn streak that she has quite clearly inherited from me. She got down from the table and started messing around with something. I put her back in her chair and carried on trying to get her to eat one (we’re not worried about her being underfed in the least but trying to get vegetables down her is a real ordeal). In the end she threw her plate (plastic) on the floor and the peas and little bit of ketchup went all over the dining room carpet.


That was enough really. I was very annoyed. Its one thing to not eat your peas (pea really) and not get ice-cream but chucking it all over the floor was not acceptable so she went straight up to her room. I realised she had a dirty bum but she was in such a mood that she refused to lie down to let me change it so I just shut the door (she hasn’t yet figured out how to open her bedroom door) and left her. She was crying a lot and it did make me sad but I was determined. She may only be 2 and a half and she is my baby but I can’t let her get away with bad behaviour.

So anyway, I went downstairs and drank a large slug of wine. After about 5-10 mins I went up and sat her down and explained again to her what she had done wrong and then I asked her to lie down so I could change her nappy (actually I asked her if she wanted to lie down on the floor or on the bed – she opted for the bed) and she did. So I changed her nappy and then we came back downstairs. It was stressful but I’m glad I stuck by my guns. So often we have just caved and worried about how she would react if Joshua got icecream and she didn’t but this time I didn’t care about that. I will not have my child walk all over me and get her own way. Feeling quite proud of myself. Not that I’ve done anything special – just parenting.


That is one of the reason we started having regular Sunday lunches together. Its now our weekend rule. Sunday lunch together. Its not always a roast. We’ve had homemade pizza, barbecue, sausage and mash, and of course roasts are always nice. We’ve had roast chicken, roast beef, roast pork. Its good for us all to sit down together and eat together. I often feel rather stressed by the end. It involves a lot of work and a lot of tidying up afterwards and sometimes some histrionics but in the end, I know we are doing the right thing. We both work full time so having dinner together every evening is not possible so Sunday lunch is our compromise to make sure that the children are used to eating at a table and we regularly sit down together and enjoy food together. My husband is a fabulous cook and while I help a bit with the preparation, he does most of the work so really all of the credit must go to him. I just drink wine and try not to pull my hair out when the kids are messing around!!!




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  1. Well done for sticking to your guns. My little one is 26 months and the tantrums are really kicking off now. I’m finding it so difficult to not give in to her. I need to be stronger!

    • Thanks. I give in plenty of times. We’re only human. But if you start feeling like things are getting out of hand, I guess it’s important to start being a bit stricter (no expert here. Lol)

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