teacup rideMy little girl. My baby. Here are some nuggets of information about my little angel:

  • She is 2 and a half years old
  • She has her own vocabularly which I don’t discourage because its too cute:
    • Her word for “drink” is “grink”
    • Milk is “ulk”
    • Tummy is “pumpum”
  • She won’t let me put her hair in pig tails
  • She loves Peppa Pig more than me (ok not really but she loves her A LOT!)
  • She loves Hello Kitty even MORE than Peppa Pig
  • Her first word was “sit” (probably cos she copied me when I was trying to get her to sit still so I could feed her)
  • She did nothing but sleep when she was born
  • She was 8lbs 13.5oz at birth
  • She has a nickname that is the same as one of the tellytubbies
  • She went through a stage of calling her childminder “Mum” (I’m mummy so I don’t mind. Is because her kids – the childminders kids call her “mum”
  • Her favourite breakfast is toast but she will eat ANYTHING
  • Her real name is Alara
  • She was born in the birthing pool
  • She came out in her sack
  • She is nicknamed “Bulldozer”
  • She is very funny
  • She loves Sylvanian Families – maybe not quite as much as her mummy does!!!

Her Birth StoryDSC01275

I have searched Facebook but I can’t find a birth story that I wrote for Lala. I think because Joshua’s was so traumatic and I was just happy that it didn’t turn out like that, I didn’t bother writing it down. But I would like to have it documented so I will try to piece together what happened from my memories and from my facebook statuses!!!
Wow. That’s lucky. I just scrolled down to August 2010 in my facebook profile and found all the posts from before during and after Lala’s birth.
The background: in the last few weeks of pregnacy, I was having a pretty hard time – extremely uncomfortable, unable to sleep, depressed. My consultant (I had one of them due to traumatic first birth) booked me in for an induction, after doing a sweep, which got things moving but not enough. I had had weeks of braxton hicks contractions that would build up and build up, making me think it was going to happen. Then I’d go to have a bath or something and they would stop. Same thing, night after night. I had restless legs and could never get comfortable in bed. I found it an absolutely nightmare and was VERY unhappy. I went in for my first induction.
I went in for my 1st attempted induction on the 19th August.  It was intrusive and painful and horrible. And it didn’t work. I came back from hospital on the 21st August feeling like an utter failure. I don’t know why, in hindsight. Lala just wanted to stay comfy in there for a bit longer. But yes, I was utterly broken. Some family disagreements that had happened in the run up to the induction had not helped either. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the situation made my last few weeks of pregnancy more miserable than they needed to be. Still, I did have some amazing friends around to keep me going. And for that I am eternally grateful.
Finally, on 30th August 2010 labour started in earnest. There was no doubting it this time. This was about 12.30pm:
We went to hospital, Joshua went off with Grandpa. Hospital looked at me, sent me home but told me things were going the right way – around 1.30-2pm:
Didn’t even get to have the bath and took about 1 mouthful of curry. Things started moving along almost as soon as I got home! So we headed back to hospital.
Around 4pm I asked for drugs but they were determined I was going to have a natural birth if possible – the midwife was fully read up on my notes from last time. I still asked:
5pm – I got some lovely gas and air!
5.50pm – they moved me into the birth pool. I have to say it was bigger and hotter than I’d have imagined. It was lovely!!! I wore my nightie at first as was embarrassed but soon took it off when the pains started going as it was too annoying! All shame went out of the window!
A comment from one of my friends (made me giggle):
She was born into the water. She actually came out in her sack (it was fully in tact – the midwife had to burst it to get her out I believe) – I’ve been told that is lucky – but it contributed to my needing stitches.
There was a bit of a scare with me shortly after the birth. I started to feel a bit feint and the midwifes had to rub my stomach to make sure I didn’t haemorage again. Not sure exactly how this stopped it but it worked. I lost a little blood but not enough to need a transfusion. I was even too busy to update my phone. Hubby did it for me:
It was nearly midnight. I knew I had to go to sleep but I couldn’t help gazing at my beautiful little girl:
She was a good feeder and I had plenty to give her.
On 6th September (day 6 or 7 I think) I had a serious panic attack – inset of the baby blues – it was very powerful but it went almost as quickly as it went. Thank you my lovely friend Elise for being there.
But she slept A LOT. And it worried me. In hindsight I should have just enjoyed the time I was able to rest.
Eventually she stopped sleeping so much and became a lively energetic little baby.
Me on the day of my baby-blues melt down.
By the way, yes, I’m aware that the Facebook posts basically tell you my name. I couldn’t be bothered to black them out. Hey ho. I’m “out”. I’m working on Joshua’s post. Should be ready soon.

5 Thoughts on “Alara

  1. great post, that is such an unusual name, I’ve never heard of it before. What a gorgeous girl! 🙂

    • Oh Abi, what a gorgeous little girl!!! Loved reading this, can’t believe how coherent you stayed during labour!!!

      Kate c

    • Thank you. Its Turkish. Long story but I couldn’t think of any girls names when I was pregnant with her and I asked a Turkish friend of mine (we have a house in Turkey so wondered if there would be any nice Turkish names and my friend told me the name “Alara” which is the name of a river in Turkey I believe. I fell in love with it immediately.

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