Money worries, inspiration (lack of) and other news

I have recently been lacking a bit in inspiration. Generally. About life and things.

I have been going through a bit of a depressive period and I think (hope) that I’m now escaping out of the other side – I am pretty sure this one (again) was period related. I thought this new mini-pill was supposed to sort that out but apparently not. And I’m SUPPOSED to not get any periods on it. Fat chance of that working out for me. Anyway….

I have screwed up my finances yet again this month. I don’t know why I keep doing this. I end up overdrawn at the end of every month and then have to spend the next month trying to scrabble around staying afloat the following month. I had plans to go shopping pre-holiday (in 27 days time) to buy myself some new things – but it looks like I will have to make do with what I have.



I have made a plan for getting through this month. I have a spreadsheet, but the problem with that is that I don’t look at it when I’m out and about. And my iphone is not clever enough to open an excel spreadsheet when I’m on the go. Yes, I probably could open it but I wouldn’t be able to update it and the whole thing is just a faff. So, I went out today and bought myself a nice new notebook (hoping to god husband isn’t reading this or he’ll tell me off for spending money supposedly so I can save money. Its a pink leather bound notebook with an elasticated thingy to keep it closed. I also bought some tags so I can divide up the sections.


I have made the first few pages a finance section. Written my month’s plan in the front and then a page for each week up until our holiday. I am going to try to sell a few things too to make up a bit of extra money. I am going to try not to have latte’s although my daily allowance does allow for one per day but I am hoping I will have the willpower to not have one because then I will have £1.35 to roll over to the next day which I hope to save for the holiday.

In a way, I feel really stupid. I earn good money and I shouldn’t have to scrabble around trying to make ends meet like this. Its only because I make stupid purchases of silly things that I don’t really need. Or top up my Starbucks card just because I fancy one coffee. And then because its topped up with a tenner I think its okay for me to spend that money on something.

Hopefully I’m going to be able to teach myself to be a bit more sensible. I’m fed up of living like this. If I wasn’t paying off an overdraft every month I would have plenty of money to spend on things or treat myself or the kids. I could spend it in a planned comfortable way, not in a “oh well, I’ll worry about it later” way.

I thought I could also use this notebook to jot down ideas for my blog, shopping lists etc. I do love my phone and I am very technologically driven but sometimes once things are inside that little iPhone, they just disappear, never to be looked at again! I will need to change to a different handbag so that I can fit my new notebook in there. No, I’m not going to go out and buy a new bag. I will just reuse one from my many unused hangbags in my handbag section of my wardrobe in the spare room. Yes, I have a handbag section. I have THAT many handbags. I could sell some of them, I suppose! I would quite like a handbag big enough to fit my laptop in it…. no, mustn’t think about shopping! MUST NOT THINK ABOUT SHOPPING!

In other news, I have managed to get a handle on my diet and exercise. I have been going for a walk every evening around the block (about 3 kilometers) since Sunday and since Monday I have been tracking my Weight Watchers points. I lost 2lbs last week and I’m hoping to lose at least another 2lbs this week (I weigh myself on a Monday morning). Actually the truth is I’ve been weighing myself EVERY morning. Just to see how I’m getting on. I am a bit of an all or nothing girl. I either stick my head in the sand and eat (or spend) what I like and worry about it later, or I have to track every morsel or penny spent and put it in a tracker/spreadsheet, whatever and control it down to the nth percent.






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  1. Good for you – I found the same counting every penny helps me to see where it’s all going ! X

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